The red band express 4 speed

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That roller I bought didn't roll it very straight, there is twist to the arc. So there is some tweeting to be done. I'll just hold it in place and tack weld the inside as I go

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So I thought PST was an hour ahead of central time so I thought it was midnight well about now. If I'm tonight then ohh well but here's what I have. Wish I had more time but I don't so here you go.

Custom rolled twin wall rear fender. I have a front to match but didn't have time to mount it.
A persons siren with a costum made mount modified from an old generator mount thanks to king fish.
A red band front coaster brake to match the kick back rear.
And a lay back seat post.

Things that didn't happen were the front light and the 4 speed. I couldn't make a sprocket to connect the 2 hubs like I thought I could. I should have just order one from barn bike but was trying to be cheap. Front light didn't happen because of the front fender not being mounted. Will happen in the future though

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