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Here is a Rat Rodders bending machine that I used to make two fork tubes. All you need is a wood workers vise and a block of wood. A 2 by 4 would have given a smaller radius. I used a 2 by 6. I marked out some 1" tube using the block as a guide. The second tube was marked from the tick marks of the first tube. Mark one end of each tube so that the tubes won't get reversed. Start at one end and bend a little then shifting the the tube up one mark make another bend the same as the first. Keep this moving in this progression till you have your complete bent tube. Start the next tube and use the first tube as your pattern. When you finish both tubes you can take them back to vise and make corrections.






Not much to it.

CRAZY!...INSANE!....DANGEROUS!...........I'm not talkin bout the bike!

I'll gladly drive over to film you going through the tunnel. :lol:
I don't have that many clamps for welding meaning I have one big jawed visegrip and a bunch of battery cable clamps. Most times I rig something up Rube Goldberg just to get a few tacks. Today I needed to weld two paralell tubes to the same gusset. Here's how I did it.

I'm missing one picture and I'll just describe it. Cutting about an inch or so off the same size tube I slit it the long ways so the gusset would slip through it. I clamped it just enough to hold it in a vise and then slipped the gusset into it just a little proud through the slit. I clamped it hard in the vise and tack welded both sides. Once it's secure then cut half the tube off like in the picture.

Then I clamped it to the tube like this. It centers itself pretty good.

After I tacked the gusset on I pried off the little quarter tube braces and finished up the welds.

It may seem like a lot to go through just to weld a gusset on a tube but when you have just one clamp you have to make the best of it. I could have cut a slot in a piece of plywood in the shape of a "U" and banged a wedge in it to tighten things up.

I have never seen a clamping devise like this before. I will not claim it's origin.

Back to the build.................

I´m shocked :shock:
You sure have a lot of imagination, and the best of all, the means to make it real.
Looked at your intro, looked at your welder, I dropped my yaw and I can´t find it... :shock: :D
I gotta tell ya this!....That thing is..
deorman said:
Daddy, :cry: :cry: That man has a scary bicycle!!! :cry:

:lol: 8)
Daddy, :cry: :cry: That bicycle has scary man!! :cry:

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