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Can't wait to see this done. I REALLY like the NEW lines of this frame.
Glad you escaped the flood. This build is cool looking so far. I think stretched bikes are cool. I wish I had a welder or could weld. Keep the pics coming!
Here's my project with a front wheel on it. I think I'll have plenty of pedal clearance. :mrgreen:


I'll be using a different fork. I got a spaceliner springer but I have to make a new truss bar for it first as the one that's on it is very badly rusted...
So... to use the springer fork that MonsterMetal gave me, which I do want to, I might have to use a 26 inch wheel, or else I'll have to modify the fork, which I don't really wanna do... I also really wanted to use these 24x3 tires on this build... I'll have to mock it up both ways... If the chrome on this fork is really bad, I just may go ahead and modify it... We'll see...
Man, that looks good with the stretch. I gotta admit I was a little worried about how this was going to turn out, but it looks like you got the lines down! Great job!
Thanks guys. I'm gonna try mocking it up with the 26, but I really wanna use the 24 incher... The lines aren't perfect, where I extended the top bars,the curves aren't perfect... Next time, I'm gonna build the whole top bars from scratch for two reasons: The lines will have more continuity, and I won't have to use a spaceliner to start with... But i really like the lines of this thing so far... And thanks again for the encouragement everyone!
K so it doesn't look like I did much except put a different for on in this picture, but in reality, every weld on the two top bars had to come apart, the bottom bars leading to the dropouts had to be tweaked so they had proper alignment, the top bars had to e re-shaped and re-welded, the fork was modified to fit the 24 inch tire, reinforced the welds where the three bars all meet at the dropouts(I don't know if it needed this, but I bent the top two bars to get my lines right so I figured it couldn't hurt...), and I welded a plate on the two bottom bars going to the dropouts behind the bottom bracket. Then my work's welder ran outta wire, so I decided to call it a night. There are som many little things that aren't perfect on this thing that it's driving me crazy. Alignment, the top bars don't all have the same profile, lots of stuff. But I came to a point where I decided I can either finish this and learn how it do it better next time, or quit. I don't wanna quit. So I'm keepin' on with this thing... All i can say is there is gonna be a lot of grindin' before this thing is done... :roll:

I'll do some close-up pics of some stuff on it tomorrow...
To hard on yourself!.......The top tubes may line up better, when you hold them in place, while welding the seat post in. For your first stretch, coming out great!
Thanks for the encouragement guys. I probably am too hard on myself. It all could have been solved by building a jig in the first place, but live and learn I guess. :roll: I have gone too far to stop. but I cant wait til it's done... Still need to decide on a color. Was thinking black, but I also have entertained either a dark metallic blue or a metalic siler alumacast type color... We'll see. Paints a long ways off yet...
So... My wife and I are moving in the end of February to Eugene, Oregon, so that may put a damper on my build. I say may... It proabably will. My goal, however, is to get it rideable before then. It may not be finished(grinding, bondo-ing, painting...) before I move, but I vow, here and now, to ride it before I move and before this build-off is over.