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BrigmasterA said:
Especially for just going at it and not really having a plan. Just doing stuff and hoping it works.

That's always my approach. I'm the type of person that planning, measuring, drawing, jigs etc... make it work instead of fun. I know others would consider that part fun.

Can't wait to see it finished.
Hey man It looks great.... A true rat. And if there is a next time you can come use my jig to get the thing tacked together if you want.... I know next month it will be a longer drive than it is now... but still probably easier to make the drive than build a jig from scratch..
Thanks guys. I'm pretty happy with it for the most part. I think eventually I will invest in a taller set of apes for it. Once I figure out where to get them from. I just think it would look less... I dunno. Lopsided, I guess with som tall boys on there. But it's pretty sweet for the most part. Larry, I may take you up on that offer. But starting in March, it's the busy season, where I work six days a week, so it may be a while til I can get down there...
So today I took the bike up to MonsterMetal's shop as i was dropping off another bike for him, and he helped me with my chain clearance issue. One leg of the fork was in the path of the chain on its way to the wheel. So Larry looks at it for a moment, says" Do ya trust me?" I se yep, and he proceeds to cut out the section of the leg that is inerfering with the chain. Then he grinds it a little, and welds in a new piece of pipe that is curved and misses the chain completely. I'll post pics later. I am rethinking my painting of this thing. I may just grind the welds down a little, at least where they are jagged, and maybe even weld some more, just for looks. Kinda like frankenstein's scars. I mean this bike will never be perfect. It doesn't quite line up right as far as being symmetrical,so why bother trying to make it look pretty? I'll always find something else wrong with it. It's definitely a rat, so I might as well let it live like one. Anyone else have any ideas?
Just say it has been in a few battles.
Nice. I dig that picture. Yeah it's not gonna be a show stopper. But people do look whe I cruise by on it. And it's fun to ride. Can't wait til I get framebuilding down to an art and build something worthy of a coat of paint. Not that this one isn't, it's just so rough that I think it would detract from it. I think I'm gonna wirebrush the whole thing and wax it. Leave it bare metal. Just a thought. Also, since there is tubing and parts from 3 different bikes in this, does it qualifiy as a burrito? Probably not cuz it's not low enough... Oh well.
very cool build lots of fabrication, looks like a proper rat, and rides what more can you ask for? and yea i know all about jigs it is amazing how much metal warps when welded huh? dont ask me how i know that :oops:

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