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I say, I go and take a little time off and chill in the Finished thread and things here deteriorate into chaos and anarchy.


Sent from the edge of an alternate universe...
Folks in a late development, Tom Slick has announced his racing retirement! Gerty Growler is closing the garage and the Thunderbolt Grease Slapper will now be touring in bike shows and Tom will be riding it on local cruises. Tom says, "There no such thing as free time in retirement, Marigold."
Jalopy Fest 2019

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And all those young girls
That had Tom Slick's picture up on their bedroom walls
They clipped them out of the magazines
They were cryin'

"Why, why, why Tom Slick?",
"Why, why, why Tom Slick?"
But I say something different
I say
"Go, go, go Tom Slick", I say
"Go, go, go Tom Slick",
Took a city like New Orleans
To slow a man
Like Tom Slick!

Paraphrased from the song Johnny Thunders, by the Murder City Devils

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