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Nov 17, 2012
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Broken Hill, Australia
Here is the place to put your finished bikes!

Pics must be here by midnight UTC+6 (central America time) on the 1st of march 2014. Any posts made after this time or any posts that show as edited after this time will not be included!
You may however edit your posts after the voting thread is up and running.

Voting order will be the order the bikes are entered here, please make the first picture in your post the one you would like used for voting and please make sure it is a decent but not huge size.

Have fun!

Looking forward to seeing them come in!

OK here is my entry for the winter build off
i apologize to those who read the old version i did revamp it.
1950's huffy mainliner wrapped in gorilla Tape mossy oak pattern.
all components are junkyard bicycle parts the wheels fork and bearings coming off a huffy stalker the crankset coming from a road-master as well as the bars.
seat and seat post from a 50's columbia it's a messinger seat
brake levers are mismatched but have been wrapped as well as the bars to match the rest of the bike.
win or lose this was fun and i will be participating in build offs more often.
thanks Luke for setting all this up.
now without further adieu i present to you camoliner. enjoy
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thanks bebopblu .
all it is is gorilla tape with mossy oak pattern carefully cut and applied .
when i say carefully i say whatever worked lol.
but thanks ,surprisingly, it came out pretty good.
first klunker i built that actually works lol
lol thanks pick.
i actually had this one out today in the snow
surprisingly it did not do well :headbang:
everything works still but she did not want any part of the snowy roads.
gotta be my fav other then my genesis.
lol yeah i thought bout arctic but the mossy oak was more my taste personally.
well we don't have 9 inches of snow here but what we got is frozen over so it's really slick
still gonna try though lol.
good luck with you're build.
heya jats!
thanks man. that was the hardest part cutting everything and making it all work. butt alas shes done and working great i have a video of it under the build thread. it's in 2 parts because the first part the chain fell off but i got her running and all the kinks worked out shes running top notch now.
if only the snow and ice would go away i'd be all set lol
thanks for posting.
The Difference Engine, a mildly steampunked, 1890's styled archbar framed, single speed.


Gold,silver and copper sharpie detail...

went from 700 x 38 to 27" x 1 1/4

The green glass bottle is actually a battery case

went from a 15 speed to a single speed with a 48:18 gear ratio

Please keep the comments in my build thread.
Want to know more? Go to...

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Today I was finally able to get my Ratted out Huffy outside for some finished pictures. Hope you enjoy it as it was a fun rebuild.

The starting point.

The finished pictures...
Finished 1.jpg


Finished 2.jpg

Finished 3.jpg

Finished 4.jpg

Finished 5.jpg

Finished 6.jpg

Finished 7.jpg

Finished 8.jpg

Finished 9.jpg

Finished 10.jpg

Finished 11.jpg

Sorry there is no video of me riding it as I had nobody to do the video for me.
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Here is my last minute entry, we had a few nice days in January and February and I had some free time so here it is!

The Green Machine!
Sitting next to my friends 47 ford Rat



look the sun came out . heres one in the sun. the green is really bright!
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