TIME IS UP! Winter Build-Off. Finished bikes thread!

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Here it is finished Flatland Flyer
It takes me longer to do the pictures than build the bike .
Bikes is a 40s 50s Royal Flyer frame probably British made
3 piece custom bottom bracket and cranks
Chrome chain
Pedals don't know who makes them but I want more
Wheels are rear 24x3 3speed nexus front 26x2.125 Felt Wheels and tires
Nos Shimano click stick shifter
Unknown to me brand American made repop seat very high quality with stock 7 style seat post
Repop torpedo style head light modded with with 220 lumen led Maglite bulb and custom mount made by me works great.
New tiller bars with felt coke grips
custom made by me beverage holder
Unknown brand double sided kickstand
Can't wait for all this white stuff to be gone so I can get it on the bike path.

Thanks to all for your nice comments this is not my first build but my first build off.

Also cheers to Luke for keeping this thing going.








Flatland Flyer click here to get to the build thread
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10 bikes with 5 hours to go! Gonna be tough voting.
~irRATional~ Fe2O3 Done! 1946 CWC, Monark springer & anything else I could scrape up!


It's been a blast! Sorry, no video yet, freezing drizzle this morning, sleet all day today & snow tonight. Come on Summer!

Thanks to: Skipton (skippy chain links), slowriderz (bomb proof seatpost), barnbikes (Bad A sprocket), ifitsfreeitsforme (grips), axsepul (headbadge), pappy (hubs & rims), udallcustombikes (tank, fenders), ksrollfast (ideas). Thanks guys! Thanks also to everyone who has viewed this build.
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Started with...


And here it is "finished" for this build off...








I did a riding video and I will try to get that up before deadline...



Ride Video...

Here are some more videos...



Ride 2
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The voting thread went together really quick this time, I must be getting used to the new format, thanks to everyone for clearly marking or positioning your voting photos, makes it so much easier!

Feel free to add more pics of your bikes to your posts on this thread now, or even riding videos if you finally get some good weather...

Thanks to everyone for participating and having fun with the build-off, makes it much more enjoyable when there are a few working along with you.

Wait I thought midnight was now?

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I will bend the rules a bit for you Rob, redoing the voting thread now with your bike included! :thumbsup:

Thank you very much. I could have sworn PST was only 1 hour ahead of CST and it was 10:59 here when I pushed send. Talk about cutting it close.

Well I guess I didn't cut it close. I just sorta hacked it in after

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