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Jul 25, 2009
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Super cool bike!!!! The farm in the background is pretty amazing too!!!

-I actually DON’T enjoy EVERY minute, but my heart does! (I enjoy most of ‘em though!)

I’m super serious when I ride on my own, for exercise, but keep things light as I ride vintage steel I buy, flip, build or collect.

I slow it down a few times a month for a club ride with Syracuse Classic Bikes or with the wife, and I do enjoy every minute of those rides.

I must confess though, on the serious side, its pretty darn enjoyable blowing by a “serious rider” on a $5000 carbon fiber bike wearing Lycra while I’m on some crusty Craigslist special wearing camo shorts and a fluorescent construction vest!

That purple bike (and you!) look PRIME for a rip around the lake here in upstate! And it would be enjoyed! :cool:
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Really great bike. The light seems larger and appears to be a better scale for a cruiser. Is the power self contained in the light housing?
it's actually an old moped headlight. the bulb has been replaced with an LED bicycle headlight that connects to a separate rechargeable battery that velcos to the frame when needed

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