Top Fueler Drag Forks ..... SOLD OUT!!

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Here is the first set I took out.

Jaxon wrote: "Here is a mock up of some future straight fueler forks. These would be 2ft fork tubes as shown."
I've been on the fence with buying the Top Fuelers you have because of my ride-ability concerns but these look like the perfect size! Please keep us updated on those - it seems like they might have the perfect combination of looks and function. I'm a buyer for these for sure.

Keep up the killer design work!
Have anyone ever tried these on a 26" frame?
Any pics?
I wonder what a Top Fueler Wingbar would look like? :)
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Top Fueler Drag Forks Coming Soon. I got the plates and the fork tubes today. They go off to polish tomorrow. Then back to me to bend the tubing. The off to welding. Hopefully about 2 weeks.
The price on the forks will be 450 Dollars + Shipping to my Ratrod Brothers. Shipping is 20 to 30 Dollars in the USA.
How can I purchase these, new to this sight, thnx
It's nice to see an honest vendor(?).....Especially when you tell everyone that they are a 10 on looks, and a 2 or 3 on riding......It would be nice to see videos of people riding them.

With that said, I've made a number of negative trail bikes. It does take "practice" riding them. But they are ride able after you get through the learning curve. It's like learning to ride a bike all over again. I learned the hard way. My first ride took me down a long hill.:21:

Jaxon, I disagree with you on the ten for looks. They're more like a fifteen!
Yeah all chopper bikes are tricky to ride. Since these bikes are mostly looked at I wanted to make the forks Show Forks. These forks will make you lose you mind the first time you see I said "I am going to make these" All the collectors said do it then about 2 years later the first set was done. It started out simple then I was in so deep I had to finish them. The first ones were made like the originals with a ruff finish to the plates. I did polish 3 set with a belt sander to a nice finish. I think I have made around 35 sets and helped people make 4 or 5 sets. You need me to bend and press the tubing. The rest most people could do or have done.
...., I missed out. they would look great on the front of the Screamer I am doing

I still have these 2 sets of forks. The buzz bike pic the forks are bent at 30 degree not 60. The Super Stock pic the fork tubes are 2 inches longer after the bend.

I can also make a kustom set for you. Maybe shorter height on the tubes.


WOW! They ride beautifully!....."We don't need no stinkin learning curve"...Very impressive. Nice job with development.

Best looking bikes I've seen.
Here is what I was thinking on (without the skirt)