Top Fueler Drag Forks ..... SOLD OUT!!

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Very cool but why do you say they are so bad to ride? (not that I've ever ridden anything like that) Visually amazing but they do look "challenging" to steer. Thanks!
Here is a picture of the stance the forks will have on a Rail frame. I didn't have a nut holding down the top plate so it is high in the front.
Take my money... [emoji3]

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Top Fueler forks have been sent out for final polishing. They should be ready to ship by July 17. PM me or post here if you are interested in a set. They are $450 Dollars plus shipping. 30 dollars tops in lower 48. World Wide Shipping. 2 sets going to western Australia. 13 sets total with 2 custom sets.
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I posted an update on Facebook for you. ;)
Saw that on the Muscle Bike Forums group.. gonna have to make a "Show us your Top Fueler bike builds" post

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I am sure you will sell all of them pretty quick..

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I think they will sell pretty fast too. I have a few people waiting with money in hand. Other have changed plans but once they are ready I am sure they will move. Here is a mock up of some future straight fueler forks. These would be 2ft fork tubes as shown.

I also have one set of forks like those Ron. They have a 30 degree bend half of the Top Fuelers at 60 degrees. Last time I made different degree bends at 30,40,50,55 and 60 degrees. So there are a few unique ones out there.
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They would ride better I bet... Most of my bikes are a Hot Wheels collection lol

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They would ride better I bet... Most of my bikes are a Hot Wheels collection lol

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I am hoping they ride better...cant be I say the Top Fuelers are a 10 in looks and a 2 or 3 in ride. I am going to make a whiz kid fork shorten too. Couple different ideas coming
OK Guys I have 9 sets of forks with solid confirmation they are sold. That leaves 4 Top Fuelers and 2 kustom sets. One set is like the one Railrider posted above. The other set has 2 inch longer tubes past the bend. A 20 x 1 3/8 wheel will have the same scale as a 16 x 1 3/8 wheel in a regular set.