Trinidad Colorado New Chainring

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Re: Trinidad Colorado Bike Done!

Looks great!!!Nice work! :mrgreen: 8)
Re: Trinidad Colorado Bike Done!

Thanks for the props guys. This is some of the inspiration for the build a new mural in Geneva for the Lincoln highway that goes through town.


By xc204 at 2011-10-22
Re: Trinidad Colorado Bike Done!

Thanks again every one and Steve I couldn't have done it without this site.
Never could get much out of 1st gear on my rides to work the rear end is a Shimano Inter M 4spd and the doanar bike had a really small ring maybe 22?
I think this may have had different gearing for the motored use. Put on a 32 that I had and what a difference.

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doaner bike chainring

By xc204 at 2011-06-28
Bump to top for the nice folks at the bike show today.