Tweaker's Rehab - Continued

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Thanks again for the comments.
@RustyGold, here's an action shot. As reference for overall size I'm about 5'8".

I only just blundered into the scratch-built room, and I thought this bike was very impressive.
Steering trail looks spot on. Style hangs together 100%. Doesn't look heavy or slow.

Back about the time the Hells Angels were moving from California to Arizona, I saw a chopped 74 HD skyscraper sitting across the street from the hardware store in Phoenix. That was 1964 or 65, right before Dad went to Vietnam and we moved far from that scene.

In '68 or '69 I saw the previews of Easy Rider, and immediately started chopping bicycles.

Ohhh . . . . we did some awful welding, but we were building the skyscraper bikes.
Low riders were decades away.