Uncle Shrink's Mini Me (the mini clone)(video added 3-20)

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Re: Uncle Shrink's Mini Me (the mini clone)(finished pics added)

This one was a a little harder because we were going at it a little differant. Billy held stuff and said right there weld it.
it was more along the line of eyeball it,whack it straight some and weld some more. To say the least it was an experiance.
Was really fun building with my brother. :D :D
Re: Uncle Shrink's Mini Me (the mini clone)(finished pics added)

Uncle Stretch said:
Ok maybe there was a memo and I missed it. What were we suppose to do with these after we finished? :roll: :roll:

Sell it on CraigsList for $200...ha ha!
Re: Uncle Shrink's Mini Me (the mini clone)(finished pics added)

I went over to Paul's house today for a little bike bonding and while I was there we got out the mini clone and I took it for a ride while he shot the video.

It actually rides very well and about the only issue I ran into is that the handlebars are so small that I had to put my knees on the outside of them in turns.

I think a set of ape hangers on it would resolve the issue and let it be a pretty comfortable ride even for someone my size.

So check out the riding video.

Great video...it does look cool.

It would be neat to see a kid riding it...I bet it would ride great.
Good job!!! That's a neat bike. Looks great and light and comfortable for an adult riding. Now lets see you do it again and get some big air underneath this time!!! LOL. Thanks!!!
I did try pulling the front end up once but I figured out that when you put 230 pounds
in the center of an extra long bike, wheelies are hard to come by. :lol: :lol:
Super cool to find this mini clone of @Uncle Stretch 's Colson Clones.

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