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There was no seat I liked,so I made one on my own :D
It took about 2-3 hours,and it´s very compfortable :shock:

The trike uns,but I can´t load it up,I hope I can post pix till the end of the contest :x
It runs on 3" whitewalls,the fork is selfmade and took about 3 days,but I have to use a mor compfortable seat :oops:
Oh yeah. This is SOOOO wrong! I love it! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
So,today I´ve got the chance to post pix again.It´s extremly nice to ride,but the "saddle" is a bit uncompfortable.
I´ve ordeed a better saddle,but I will not paint the bike,perhaps pinstripes or something.A brake is still mising,too,but i drove the whole last year without brake :p The fork,my "Bouncin´Betty" works perfectly and I made risers to the handlebars,so that everything is strong enough to ride on 2 wheels :mrgreen: I hope you like the Bomber-Trike as much as I do,If not,please give me feedback,I like to get inspiration for other bikes.
Enough words said,now PIX:

Is it rideable?

get use a video of you riding it!

good job man!
even if its not ridable ride it ne ways

wow i love that trike..........

some crazy fabrication skills my freind......
it is totally rideable,I will ride it 30miles next sunday.It will not be painted,only striped

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