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One of my friends, Robert, back in 1990 on a self-built ramp. We had stolen the wood from a nearby building site on a weekend. The workers found out at some point and we had to dismantle the ramp again. But there was no trouble, the workers actually thought it was cool... Our favorite playground for 6 weeks.

winner of the bike
Gowrie Iowa. year unknown.
@SwissGuy that one got me thinking of Dolle Dinsdag (Mad Tuesday) in the Netherlands. On September 5, 1944, a Dutch radio station broadcast false information that the Allies had liberated the Netherlands, causing a mad scramble evacuation for the German troops. Dutch flags were flying for a short while. The repercussions upon the oppressors' return was terrible and harsh
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This takes me back. Either it's an ad for how to be a cool dad and a cool son, or they really are...
that cool! I mean, dress shoes? Pretty sharp there Bubby.

I noticed that this kid is wearing dress shoes too. ....' near same ensemble too. Plaid shirt and dark slacks. Like the cool kid in this Meme Photo. I call him Kevin...


When we did stuff like that it was for a holiday or a birthday. It's also when the camera
came out, because we only bought film for special occasions.