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I'm fresh out of Richeys.

If anyone has one of these laying around the shop that I could just borrow...
Frazier Cycle Company 2.jpg
Frazier Cycle Company 1.jpg

For those of you into the Flying Merkel bikes and cycles, these are some of the original photos of the shops that built them. Sourced via: from a 2013 post dissecting the name and everything it's been attached to since it's debut.

[114 pages of some of the most in depth and detailed, thorough dig of info I've ever seen for a moniker. I'm only on p.43]

Some more female cycling pioneers...

Clara Grace
clara grace 1896_Kopie.jpg

Alfonsina Strada
alfonsina morini strada (1).jpg

May Allen
may allen_Kopie.png

Hélène Dutrieu
hélène dutrieu (4)_Kopie.jpg

Tillie Anderson
tillie anderson (1895).jpg

Marie Amélie Le Gall
marie amélie le gall.jpg

Clara Drehmel
clara drehmel.png

Billie Fleming
billie fleming (1).jpg

All of them were prominent racer girls, born in the 19th century (except Billie Fleming born 1914), with some special records and faster than several men....
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Before Mattis post I put some other real photos of the Simpson lever chain, but it has to be approved by a mod. If I delete the link, i think you can see them...
Stunned that it uses a different tooth engagement on the rear cog than the front. Seems an overly complex solution to a problem that didn't exist.

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