(WBO 2015) CAT Bike (COMPLETED!)

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Snow day at work so... Decided I'd take a stab at converting the sealed beam lights to LED. The back of it cracked 3X but didn't break. I zapped it with some super glue. Then epoxied in the LED housing. Tested and it works!


What did you cut it with?
DREMEL Diamond Wheel I got at Lowe's. They have diamond drill bits, too. See the 1st page of this thread where I was given the help from Luke.
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I figure if I put a good coat of plasti-dip on the back side it will absorb a lot of the vibration a keep the cracks from spreading.
Really, only 16 days left!:13: I have so much to do still!! I best get busy. My work week ahead is gonna' be brutal. Well I bought a small sheet of 22 gauge steel and cut out a filler panel for the frame. Gotta' make the clamps for it. And I still have my taxes to do! DRAT!:mad:
I needed a power source for the dual head lights I'm using. Since there is no room inside the head light bucket for 2 AA batteries I started looking for a way to make something to house the batteries.
I found these 8oz. tin boxes on Ebay under Survival & Emergency Gear. There is a plastic mirror stuck on the lid. I soaked it in Goo-Gone and removed the mirror. Then drilled a 3/8" and 1/2" hole on one side. That's for my toggle switch and my 1/4" compression fitting to route my brake cable housing that will have my wires going to the lights.
The brake cable housing is only 3/16" so its loose. When I add the ferrules to the cable it is still a little bit loose so I'll wrap some aluminum duct tape around it so the compression fitting will have something to grab when I tighten the line up.The line will run up to the area of the lights and will split off to each light with a "T" compression fitting.
The battery holders have a on off switch on the back side that will be ground down and left in the "ON" position. They will be mounted with 3M emblem tape.
Mounting options on the bike are wide open and I may have to add a couple more holes for mounting. I haven't decided where to mount it yet.
I'm going to mount the battery box on the seat post down tube. Checked for clearance and roughed in a clamp. I'm calling it the Omega Clamp. I had to put some heat to this one to get it to bend the way I wanted it. I sent the girlfriend to the hardware store to pick me up a couple more clamps and she returned with stainless steel ones.
I still have the frame to sand and paint. I got off work early because one of my loads cancelled and I don't even feel like doing anything. Started feeling achy this afternoon. Took some meds hope to feel better tomorrow. Past couple of nights and some of the weekend I cleaned, sanded , painted and gathered some parts.
Slowriderz came through for me once again with an awesome laid back seat post.
Picked up some 22awg wire and connectors from Radio Shack. I can't wait to put those lights together. It will be a roller before I get to that step. ONE WEEK TO GO!!!:13:
I'm still not feeling 100%. I'm going to take the frame with me to work tonight and sand on it while I'm unloading. I haul liquid sugar so while I'm sitting at the back watching it unload I may as well be doing something.;)
Frame sanded. Hitting the paint in the morning or afternoon.
Due to drama at work today I am behind schedule. When I got home tonight I did some more wet sanding and priming a few spots. Final go over in the morning then hit it with some denatured alcohol and put it in the paint booth. No need to prime the whole bike as the original base yellow will do just fine. I'll tape up the Worksman head badge... it still has the factory plastic over it!
The frame is painted and drying. I'm working on some of the details. I got some Caterpillar decals from the interweb and some red and black decal vinyl from Fast Signs when I had them cut out some designation letters and numbers. I made a stencil with some heavy card stock to make my pattern for the filler panel going on the bike.