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Jan 13, 2007
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northern calif
I have been really debating if I should jump into the wbo but why not so I have a few Iver Johnson frames in the pile that I have been wanting to play with for a while .
I'll start with trying to get a crank working , these Ivers have a proprietary crank and the parts are not cheap.
We'll see what happens after that !

Let the fun errr is that frustration begin :comando::20:
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Yes it does have nice lines and I will need lots of luck getting this one ride able again and a lot of digging through the pile for parts to put it together. I have its twin brother on the bench with a good amount of kroil on the crank ...we'll see if it comes apart !
No plan yet Jim , as usual I am just wingin' it though I had thoughts of a Viking/steam punk vibe . I now have most of a crank with bearings and cups but the left crank arm is missing so I'll dig around for one in the pile that or rob one off one of the other Ivers out there.
Hopefully you show what the proprietary crank really means on these. I would think that if the BB shell is the same you could use anything? Or if not you could get/make a shim? I look forward to learning more about these bikes!
Crash I'll get some pics in the morning, the Iver bb shell is a smaller diameter than your average one piece crank . The Iver crank is a two piece and has a tri angular shape rather than a square taper that would be found on most multi piece cranks.
I dug through the pile and found the left crank arm so I now have a complete crank...worn but complete.
I guess I should mention that I'll be learning right along with you as this is my first Iver build !
So I spent the morning gathering parts from the pile,scrubbing and inspecting and now I'm bummed as It might take parts from five bikes to make one .
Measured the bottom bracket to show the difference and clearly its a 1/4" different.
Standard one piece crank

Iver crank

triangular taper two piece crank

sadly this end of the crank has issues so I'll have to pull the crank from the lady Iver , hopefully its in good shape but it is a 1/2" shorter arm . As you can see the threads look right hand but should be lefty.

degeased the headset and crank hardware

slipped a few parts in to make look more like a bike.
correct fork

correct bars with Iver stamped stem

the blue on this wheel matches the blue on the frame not sure If it was from this bike but it is now has a Morrow hub in good working order,

The Lady Iver about to loose some of her clothes

I'll need to bring a puller home to help with that crank and those pedals though worn still spin nicely.
more later
I wonder if you could convert that to a sealed bearing, like a three piece crankset. If you think out of the box, all you need is the BB inner dia. and the three piece's shaft diameter, and then the hard part... Find a pair of bearings that match, and a piece of pipe to fit inside the BB between the bearings... piece of cake...

Sure Carl I could convert it and I have the parts to do it but I also have the parts to keep it all Iver Jonhson. Down the road I plan to convert the bb on my Pierce frame as I don't have the parts for it, same kind of deal having a strange bb shell.
Cool, since you have more than one Iver, sooner or later one of them rollers needs the modern update... unless you're doing a restoration.
Someday I hope to find an Iver Johnson, good last name...

Carl J.
Ya know Carl I have 5 Iver frames and 3 are bent and if they were modern frames I would scrap them I really don't want to rob parts from the Lady Iver but I am for now. Their's no way I want to modernize any of the Ivers, I have other bikes for that. I guess I am kinda modernizing
I don't plan on putting the 28" clad wheels back on ;) !
I like how you think Schwinnspastic... I'm all for restoring the rare old frames to as original as possible.I think that is more of a challenge then slicing n dicing.. love to see this back on the roll...
I'm all for restoring the rare old frames to as original as possible.I think that is more of a challenge then slicing n dicing..
Totally agree! That is why I don't do it... Too hard! :(

Thanks Funkme , I think errr sometimes I wonder about how I think ?

Luke doing a correct restoration isn't really hard , what it is is expensive so I am not doing it. Just a good cleaning and build up with mostly correct or at least ere correct parts ! It wont be a show stopper or trailer queen as I do plan on riding it a lot !!
So anyhow I have a good working crank installed and man is it smooth but took quite a lot of time cleaning off all the paint, rust and peeling chrome !

even had a little helper

running low on skip chain so I'll have to shorten this one

I think I can make the truss rods work
just need to shorten them a half inch.

the fork is also working ok not perfect but good enough !
Thanks Luke ! So I bit the bullet on this one and had my buddy order me in a set Schwalbe Little Big Ben tires and a pair of Velocity Blunt rims.
No 26" wheels, now going for the 700 38c they should be a bit closer to the 28 x 1 1/2 originals beyond that I have only just started scubbing the frame trying get back the original paint or whats left of it.
I'm digging this build!
Thanks all for all the likes and cool comments as I'm diggin' this build myself !
The tires came in , still waiting for the rims.
I could not resist mounting the front with one of those invisible wheels .:D

Dug through the chain box and found a shorter one ,only had to remove one link and get a couple stuck links free . lubed the whole chain with kroil , the works wonders !

Then I decided to throw enough parts on to take a spin around the block, the 26x2.125 tires are a tight fit but clear just barely.

I also shortened the Schwinn truss rods and spread the seat tube then used an old shim with a 5/8 post to mount the seat.

First time this bike has seen the road since the 40s, nice !!:eek: