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Very nice so far! Even better with your new tires and wheels, I bet!
Your lucky to have a ready source of Iver parts at home. Cant wait to see the original paint :).
Thanks Guys , I haven't got to far this week but I did dig through the pile for a couple New Departure hubs , overhaul on the rear D hub and just a clean and regrease on the W front hub.
Ready to lace them up as soon as the new hoops get here.

I did a bit more cleaning / house paint removal to the frame ??? what a chore I could have hand sanded and primed it by now if I was doing a full restoration !
Page 2 slackers long overdue update:blush: I put a lot of hours into cleaning the frame of 2 repaints and years of storage crust, this is what I got back of the original paint.

The rims came in 3 weeks ago and I was going to paint them when a buddy offered to paint them for me and since he is a much better air brush artist then me I happily agreed so a two tone brown color with a matte finish came out looking ok also he added a little shading around the spoke holes to give it a somewhat aged look !

front wheel laced

Rear laced and on the frame for a visual:D

It was spendy building the wheels but I think I did better than most having less than 250 bucks into the wheels and tires .just need to true and tension the spokes then move on to assembly !
Wicked cool build. Love the og paint on the frame with the wheels. Car manufacturers showed us wood grain matches anything and everything! So cool seeing original Iverson paint, not in black. I appricate your build style, keep up the good work!

You down with OPC??
Lookin Good Mark ! looks like i"ll have to get over there and get some more parts out of your way !
Dig those wheels , your gonna have a nice rider on your hands....

The races are just too cool, especially the bottom one! That along with the head badge has such a beefy look.
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Boy a nice fabbed tank painted to match them rims would be sweeeet!

Thanks guys, I have to admit that all week all I have done is ride this bike ! This is my oldest ride able bike and weighs in at a whopping 32.6 lbs so it is a breeze to pedal around my little mountain community compared to my other prewar bikes that push the 60 lb. mark.
I think restoring the original persons saddle and hunting for some of the correct parts that are missing, I,m calling it done and just plan on riding the wheels off of it !:dance2::banana:
Horsefarmer I see on the national news all the Winter weather on the East coast but here in Northern California it is like Spring with temps hitting the 70s in the afternoon, we have been hoping for some rain at least to help offset the drought we're in.
Well done,on the restoration,the fake wood wheels look the part,and event the original paint work.A classic worth keeping.
Thanks Funkme , I do plan on keeping this one ! I have had no time the past couple weeks for the bike though I did put a taller seat post on with a cushy seat , not good for aesthetics but did improve ride quality as I can now get a full leg extension on the down stroke !
I think I need to change the gearing as its still a bit tall for some of the hills in the neighborhood so I am going to put an 11 tooth cog on the rear with a longer chain, the old knees are knot what they use to be !