(WBO) SGT. ROCK finished (for now)

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Sep 14, 2013
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Bradley Illinoiz

I also have another off the wall 24" MTB...
Multiple themes cycling around in my head...
What to do, what to do?

Carl. o_O
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Number two. I like the Rollfast sprocket on the Schwinn frame. I'm guessing that's a 1968 Schwinn.
Next years MBBO may just be a BMXBO...
serial numbers say the Typhoon is a 63'

just playin' in paint...

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Nice, guess I've got a bit of time to collect parts for the MBBO#4 and a year till the BMX build... that leaves me with the Typhoon. Ok, now what's my theme...

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Oh, so you are going to bring another 1963 Schwinn cantilever frame to the build off huh? COPYCAT!!!! I call foul.....what's next, gonna steal my build name? Just Kiddin' I can't wait to see where you go with this build, I like the artist vision that goes into your bikes.
I have some raggedy ol' painted fenders from my 36' CWC, I may bob the rear one for this build. Gotta source me a triple tree fork. Ditch all the chrome for flat black... maybe it's time for Sgt.Rock?

We have a military bike in our garage. Maybe your SGT can use some design cues from this?





I had the LBS change the stock QuickBricks (26x2.1) with these Electra Classic Diamonds (26x2.35) I think the pattern looks more military, and the additional width really fills out the fenders and rims better. You can also see the bullet shell valve caps I'm using, I got from an RRB member.
I've had this bike for a while, it's just so been there done that. I've waited for something original to roll thru the ol' brainpan... how to get such a common bike to have "That" look. I want it to be tough.

I think the Schwinn could lend itself to a 'Speedway racer' inspired build, like this.


These have a 'tougher' look than the classic boardtracker. With all the junked MTBs out there, Finding aggressive knobby tread tires (even fat ones) are fairly easy to source.
It has a triple tree-type fork,reinforced with truss rods, simple handlebars, etc....

Just my .02.

Build on brother!
Dr. T

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Today I mounted the modified fenders, a headlight, seat and bars. I also swapped out the original S7 rims for a modern set of 26" in black with some beefier tires...

Alas, it was just a scribble in paint...

MBB0 is over...So #2...
Yes Mam, that is the plan... SGT.ROCK.
I copped your style of flip chick bike for MBBO...
Would you believe a motorized bike with a sidecar for the WBO?

Yes Mam, that is the plan... SGT.ROCK.
I copped your style of flip chick bike for MBBO...
Would you believe a motorized bike with a sidecar for the WBO?

Go right ahead,but remember if you win...I'll take the copy right credits....:rofl::21::grin:
Besides I might be the first to do it in my country,but in the rest of the world,it has been done,again n again...
But every bike is different,when you put your own artistic flair to them...
I'm really trying to figure out the lightest way to do a sidecar...
I've yet to lift a finger on this bike, I'm still spinning ideas around.
Wouldn't a wicker sidecar be exceptional? Not exactly SGT.ROCK,
but it'd still be cool...
So no paint, no theme, till I know what I'm doing...
Ha, like that's gonna happen...