(WBO) SGT. ROCK finished (for now)

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Front fender and light...

Before I broke the lens...

May do a bit more, I need to get some brass acorns for the front fender braces to match the rear and I've got a couple of new ideas I may be able to pull off before the deadline. Cheers.

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The painted fork and fender totally changed it. Perfect!

I'm picturing some stenciled military numbers/letters on it somewhere. Maybe WBO2015 or something?
I'm wanting to do the Master Sargent bars like the comic book SGT. ROCK and I may do some lettering too. Good idea, thanks.

My wifi is back so here's the headlight snafu and rebuild...

First I was drilling the back of the bulb out for bigger LEDs I got out of these lanterns...

well I broke the bulb, so I started scavenging...
and found the aluminum sheet and cut 2 holes out "old school"

I cut the reflectors down to fit two across and glued them in with ShoeGoo, which is a nice thick silicone.

fits in the housing... to the right are the LED bulbs in sockets...

made a lens out of styrene I had from HO modeling "glass block"

batteries fit inside, 8 AA's, flat front looks kinda odd but ok to me.

not pictured is a strip of foam lining the bezel, I used the adhesive style for sealing drafty doors, it holds the aluminum sheet and styrene lens against the front of the bezel... I then lined the inside with some other foam bits I had, to keep all the batteries and wiring and such in place.

Wow Carl that's looking killer! Maybe a big olive chainguard for some more oliveyness?That color is great.

Nice work on the light. That Shoe Goo is good stuff! I use it for slot car repairs.
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Wow Carl that's looking killer! Maybe a big olive chainguard for some more oliveyness?That color is great.

Nice work on the light. That Shoe Goo is good stuff! I use it for slot car repairs.
Thanks man, it's actually great for fixing shoes...

Truthfully, I just don't have a chainguard for it, or any in my parts. It will get one at some point, there's a lot I'd to do on this bike. It will probably get continued in a build thread. Motor and sidecar are in my head for now...
It's pretty much done except for some details. As far as the WBO it's a roller and rides nice too. I'll be putting a smaller sprocket on when it gets motored but for now the ratio is nice for getting up to speed... Street legal needs a few more things after the engine, tailights etc. But for now I'm happy with it.

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I know that this is a little late, but you might consider a military blackout style hood in place of the lens.

Here's a couple of examples...

Now that's cool... I've never seen one of those before. I did think the flat front looked like a signal light...

Hmm got me thinkin' again... louvers...

Ok so I changed the order of the layers of materials on/in my headlight.
Painted the aluminum olive, then the styrene, then the reflectors. Now it looks remarkably better IMO. Louvers may still show up but this is a step in the right direction.

Very, very cool build. I have been thinking about changing up my headlight too and I like what you have done with yours. I particularly love the idea of mounting the batteries for it internally, it definitely keeps it super clean.
One last post here.
At some point this bike will be motorized.
I'll get a thread going in the gas motor builds. (eventually)
I'm lookiing at 4 strokers cuz I don't want to burn mix.
I have also sourced a welder but it's 220, (sidecar...)
so I have to get a line out to the garage...
This build off was as fun watching as it was competing.

Peace and love,