(WBO) Super - Sonic......1957 Chevy parts....finished, finished,, FINISHED!!!

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Jun 25, 2014
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I started with this idea of building a bike with parts from "jet age" donors. Looking for jets or rockets on the tank, chain guard, headlight, etc. etc. The bike that I am starting with is a 1963 Schwinn American Deluxe. I bought this one for $50. and had the idea to keep it original and find the slim-line tank that belongs on it. The cheapest tank that I could find was over $100 and I don't really like those tanks much anyway! So, here is the little middleweight as it was this morning.


Now, after a couple of hours of pulling original fenders, chain guard, handlebars, etc., I have thrown some of my jet age parts on it to get to this mockup.



The handlebars are a combination of 10 speed bars and clubman bars that are cut in half. These are not welded yet, I will probably do some more modifications before I am ready to finish them.
Some day we should do another Space Bike Build Off. There was one many years ago on RRB.
I like your thinking on this one so far.
Some day we should do another Space Bike Build Off. There was one many years ago on RRB.
I like your thinking on this one so far.

I recently said something similar in a thread here somewhere. I saw that there was a space/sci-fi build off, and that just sounds awesome.
I started tinkering with my headlight idea.


Even if I could afford a delta jet rocket headlight, I wouldn't buy one, there is no way they are worth the money people are paying for them ($270 and up and selling on ebay) so I had to improvise. I bought the delta jet rocket top off eBay for $18 shipped, a generic torpedo light for $22 shipped and a motorcycle bullet lens kit for $8.


You can probably see in this picture, that generic light is a bit longer than the delta, causing some interference problems that have to trimmed to get things to fit.


The bullet lens is about 1/8" smaller than the original flat lens, but I trimmed the rubber grommet so that it fits snug.


Here you can see some of the metal that has to be trimmed in order for the base to accept the delta top. There is some metal along the front sides that has to be trimmed also.


Here is the assembled light. Anyone in the know can easily tell that it is not original, and I did have to drill another hole in the tail to match up the bolt holes. But............I LIKE IT, ALOT!!
Dang Ted, you gettin busy! Looks good!

Thanks Frank, I am done for the day... for sure! I have just been kinda listening to college football games and throwing my ideas at the bike.


I never found the Thunder jet or JC Higgins jet chain guard that I was looking for.:( But, I do like the shape of the western flyer, Murray mercury chain guard.....and it does have a tailfin, so the jet theme isn't far fetched at all. I plan to spend the next three days painting and sanding on it to try and get an aged jet paint job. I have pulled pictures of the chain guards that I wanted, I will be making stencils from the resized pictures to try and get an authentic looking paint job, then I will try to give it some age so that it somewhat matches the other parts, this will probably be the toughest part of this build for me....... I am not artistic...... at all.:(
O.K. I am done with the chain guard. After painting, sanding to give the worn effect, then using the torch smoke to add some aging, I cleared it over with satin to keep the finish dull. I am not totally happy with it, but it'll work I guess.



I did lightly scuff the tank and rack and then cleared over them with satin also, to try and keep the finishes as similar as possible. The rack has more of a burgundy paint but I don't think that it clashes to bad, but I think the tank and chain guard match pretty well. Here is a pic. of the last mockup. I will work on other areas of the bike before these parts go back on. Also playing with the angle of the handlebars some.

I actually used the jet graphics from both chain guards that I wanted, I am happy with the way it looks. I am just not real happy with my skills in layout and painting. But, I now have the build name on the bike itself..... pretty cool, huh?
Moving on to front end. Here is a bargain that I snatched off of e-bay, they had it listed as a Schwinn fork (it will be now).


I was the only bidder on this very nice chrome Springer! I got it for $50 + shipping! WOW !


I know that the Shelby long nose is a little earlier than most jet age bikes, but this Springer design should fit in nicely! I am going to modify the original Schwinn fork to accept the Shelby Springer and I will rake it out so it looks fast just standing still.
Here are a couple of pics mocking up the Shelby Springer. I got measurements that I need, so now I can tear down the fork and start modifying it to the Springer. Really lovin' the look!!!