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At least you can grow hay there . My hay bill was the most expensive cost of owning horses when I had them .We were paying
$8 a bail for T/A from Canada .
Ouch! I usually try to calculate a "burn rate" for our horses. Depending on weather usually they get 1/4 of a 60 lb bale 2 times a day so 4 1/2 bales a day now.
I make our own hay to save money and control quality. Lucky I live on an old farm so we have hayfields and a barn Dittoto store hay and my rag tag equipment 1930's to 1960's keeps going... :bigboss:

In Poland there is almost no snow, even in the mountains. Mostly only cold & rain :(

Ditto here, keep setting new records for precipitation last 2 years. The thing is when you live on a farm in the country you really get to know the local weather and climate and it's pretty extreme now. Agriculture does best in "normal conditions". It's not just agriculture, we now have ice shoves with every wind storm, they used to be a spring event only when the ice melted - now lakes have not frozen over completely so they happen over and over. :eek:
Single digits here in the morning and teens day time now for two days but it's going to get above freezing again on Tuesday. Our snow is only knee deep in the woods. About half the volume melted down. Lake Superior has no ice. It's been warm. Pretty much the same as last year, a lot of snow, then warm and rain then snow. Last year we had an extended period of below zero temps between the rain but the cold was not as bad as a usual year. This year we have had no cold snaps.
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Summer cyclones forming up in the tropics. Hopefully the weather people are right and we are going to get some of the predicted rain soon.

Water restrictions up to level 2 from next week as storage levels are lowest in 25 years.

Everyone here is talking about the Australian weather and is expressing a lot of concern. Wishing you well and hope the weather soon turns for the better.
With all the horrific images in the news from Australia, Luke how are you doing?
His moving post mentioned Broken Hill, NSW...

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...looks pretty non-eventful :nod:
Thanks for checking in on me, pretty uneventful here in the desert, I guess dirt doesn't burn as well as trees do... ;)

Been a lot of other stuff happening in our lives, so I never did start a build... :confused:
Pretty much the biggest snow event so far this year in the valley...

20200203_084024.jpg Wife took the pic at was long gone by the time I got up at 11am :grin:. We do have the option of heading up the pass, ~4ft deep snow about a 45min drive away :thumbsup:.
No snow here, last week was mostly in the fifties in Warsaw PL o_O Yesterday it only started snowing in the mountains.

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