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Check out the eerie melancholy guitar and piano music at the end of this video. I keep playing it over and over again.
https://tinyurl.com/3kvr6uv6Its an anti-drug video and you have to sign in to see it, so beware.
xx = tt
clicking this works ---> 17:30

At about 18:52 one of the credits displayed is

Jonathon X. Coudrille
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Never heard of "mashups," that is amazing. Couldn't imagine Herb Albert in that, what a surprisingly great fit!
That guy's whole channel is mashups. There are some incredible ones.

Mashups used to be music only, then a few artists like 'GirlTalk' (among others), incorporated video mashups to match. Now with so much video editing software/apps available, they have become a standard part of a lot of mashups.

Here is an early version done several years ago...

...and a couple more unlikely, but incredible pairings.


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