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The Marriage of Figaro….(it’s on the tv)

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Most people I know don't think i'm a Country Music fan-but i'm a fan of any Genre of good music. It's just that Dad spoiled me with the Golden Age of Country, that early Appalachian Gospel/Torch Singer melange, back when Hank Williams hadn't had a 'Junior' version yet...
I feel the same way about Rock, Folk, Pop, every genre really...i'ts just Sturgeon's Law.

But then the Youtube Algorithm knocks politely at my skull, and reminds me that the Top 40 isn't all there is:

These guys? They get it.
I have an Old and in the Way and the Pizza tape albums. Being a five string banjo player I always found it amazing Jerry could play missing a finger. Barry Abernathy picks the five string with only nubs on his hands (early Mountain Heart picker)
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While thinking about the name Crash chose for his build. Crashes Build I pulled this up from my favorite band the Seldom Scene
Album version

Zany live antics version, Clapton would be proud . . .

I can't help myself, this is another excellent title Crash considered . . . Sorry Wilson Pickett . . .