What Clear coat to use with new paint job?

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Sep 17, 2013
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The middle of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
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I had 68 Bonneville love that bike
The 68 was the last good vintage one in my opinion. I bought a new 66 Bonniville. I traded it in on a 67 TR6C. I got the enduro bug. I still have the 67 but the 66 bonniville was the best looking vintage Bonnie. I wish I had it still. It would do a 3 foot wheelie up jump when you shifted into second and a few inches off the ground shifting into third. It would easily go 85 in second with two people on board. I could only get it to what the advertised max speed of 120 was by going down a good hill. The front end got light and danced around.


For the love of the Ride 🚲 🔥
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Jul 1, 2014
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Las Vegas Area
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I like the ceramic paints.

If using engine paint, I use clear engine paint of the same brand.

If using wheel paint I use clear wheel paint of the same brand.

That way I just have to follow curing times on the can between coats. Most have gloss, or satin or flat, depending on your preference.

Many times I'll put multiple coats on, mask and paint the darts, add any rustification effects and paint the clear all in one sitting. Just need to get them all in within that 2 or 3 hour window.

The only exception is if I use the metalcast paints which seems to melt a lot of other paints. Very careful with adding that.

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