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Gidday Pushie,

Well, I thought it looked good, but agree that it was too short. I too like longer bikes. However, the lengthening in the top tube doesn't look right to me.

Here's how I would do it...


I would angle that top tube extension down so that it follows the line towards the seat tube, then put some sort of gusset there as shown with the darker blue piece.

But if you have already welded that piece in, then you could put a gusset in beneath to continue the flow of the top tube, like this...


That's just my 2 dollars and 99 cents... it's going to look great either way.


I think the first picture flows much better.
Okay built up some points with a few jobs done around the house,
she let me back out in the yard and into this build! Found a bit of
scrap from the pile and came up with a solution to the bit of frame
in front of the seat, much more flow to her me thinks!

Also made a crude wooden jig, usually use the mark 1 eyeball before
I weld so new ground for me, she will be super straight this one.

You should try to grind the paint off before you weld it. It will make a cleaner weld.

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Some progress finally, got a roller but not a rider as yet! Frame welded
mocked up brake and gear cables, pedals, chain and a stand to go, then
filler, prime and paint, hey the home straight, yeah right!

Really wanted this one low, really happy with the aggressive rake of the forks.

You are further along than me matey :oops:

It's looking really good... no I mean reeaally good :113:

I love how snug them mudguards are... grrr, mudguards :mad:... yes, I have mudguard envy :mad:

love the fork rake!! it really makes the bike look smooth!!!
Thanks folks looking over my shoulder as the days tick away,
yep rebsterob scored a seven speed hub from an old Trek alloy
framed bike, has a hub brake as well, twist grip shifter will be
a new experience for me! Did a bit more today have a couple
more goodies for this one, then what colour? Hhhmmm??!!

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