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Are you using the same steering or something else?
Don’t know yet. I was planning on building something from near the top of the box but I am not sure if it will be sturdy enough. I may end up using the original since I should be able to bolt it to the frame.
Only been working on it for an hour or two at a time. The seat came last night, not happy it was made in Taiwan. Got paint on the fenders and some more of the frame on today. I need to decide how to finish the top front corner and mirror placement.
Got the handlebars done today. This is plan C. Plan A was much more beautiful but overall I don’t think it would last.plan B was much more structurally sound but could not get it to work with what has already been done. Found out the seat post I ordered from Worksman doesn’t fit and am now searching for a replacement. Pulled the banana seat from the package and found a small rip. After final pictures it will return to where it came from.
Love that old side mirror
I only put 4 bolts in today but the box is officially connected to the bike. I started work way too early and stayed way too late to get much else done. I am hoping to get fenders mounted tomorrow.
This happened today. I got the fenders mounted and the framing done. I started on a bumper. I will probably pull this fender off later to fix this. I need to find a seat post and get the mirror.
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If you run tight on time, think of the crack as "character". This is RAT Rod Bikes after all. :D

The fender blends well with the woody panels.
Pay no attention to the seat post, it meets all federal safety standards set for rat rod bikes.
I’m a few links short. I don’t believe the power of a zip tie will be enough. I ordered both the chain and a seat post from Worksman. Neither fit the bike.

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