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Nov 2, 2007
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Maineville, Ohio
I just love how the mix of bikes in this build off is so diverse. Everthing from a little red Colson to practically brand new bikes.

I have decided to go with a newer style bmx bike. I picked it up on CL for just a few dollars. Nothing spectacular, but it is solid. It is an all aluminum frame, so there is no rust, even though it sat outside for over a year. The silver on the back part of the frame is actually bare aluminum with a clearcoat. i might try to take the white paint off the front and clearcoat the rest of the aluminum. And the decals seem to be coming off easily.

As you can tell from the name, my plan it to take a bmx style frame and add classic Stingray/muscle bike features. I'm not sure how far i am going to take it yet. But I thought I would try a banana seat/sissybar, springer front and some tall bars and more as I come up with ideas. I would like to do a rear coaster brake if i can find one for a decent price. I'm sure this has been done before, but what the heck...

Here is the before picture


here are a few seat ideas, not sure which way to go...

The tube would obviously need some modification with this one

or a banana

At this point i am open to all suggestions.
Re: BMX-Ray

No normal person would put a banana seat on a bmx bike. :wink: So I guess what I'm saying is the banana would be my choice.
Re: BMX-Ray

aka_locojoe said:
Those are pretty cool wheels. Instead of a coaster brake maybe you could make a suicide brake lever to operate the existing rear brake.

I was thinking about the suicide brake thing. I know somebody had a post on here a little while back who did this on a nicer older bmx bike. I have been looking for the post, but I can't seem to find it.
Re: BMX-Ray

You can setup the suicide brake like this:

Switched these wheels to my BFK so it has the suicide brake know! :wink:
Re: BMX-Ray

That's the bike I was talking about! It looks great setup like that. The bars I am planning on using are very similar to those.
Re: BMX-Ray

I just picked up a set of Grey with blackwalls Primopro tires at my LBS. I thought it is kind of a reverse whitewall look. One is 2.1 and the other is 1.95. I'm not sure if i will mount them the traditional BMX way with the fatter one up front or with the fatter one on the rear for a cruiser/Krate look.
my plan is to stick with a whole White/Grey/Black theme for the bike with some small blue accents.
Re: BMX-Ray

I started getting some of my parts and have started to mock up the bike. I need to clean the wheels before I mount the new tires. I still haven't decided what to do with the brake. i have fenders, but I'm not sure if I can get them to work. I can't decide if i should go with bmx pedals or cruiser pedals. I got a pair of odyssey sharkbites for $6 of ebay that i might use.


Re: BMX-Ray

ej599 said:
Very nice. I would use the sprung sissy bar.
The only other type of sissy bar i have is a the type that takes the clamps. i would need to drill some holes in the dropout area to use those, So I think I am just going to go with the one with the four positions on the axle.
Re: BMX-Ray *Edit* re-named X-ray

i was digging through my pile of parts today trying to figure out my seatpost size issue and i came across this sprung post. It is off a Raleigh hybrid bike from a couple of years ago. It was set up for a double bar type seat mount, so i cut off the mount that was pressed on to the top. It left me with a standard round post to mount the seat to.

The post was also too large. It was 27.1mm and i needed it to be 26.7mm. So I slowly sanded off 0.4mm on the bottom 6 inches of the post until it slid in perfectly. I think it worked out great! the aluminum matches the frame well too.

i also bought some new brake lines and i am going to run a single rear brake with a control run to the top of the apes. Between the cable guides on the frame and the gyro piece under the headset bearing cup, i think I will be able to run the line pretty clean looking.

Sorry about the crappy picture. I had my camera phone on me and i didn't feel like going upstairs to get my real camera.

Re: BMX-Ray *Edit* re-named X-ray

Put the tires on, put the tires on! We want to see it with the tires on! PLEEEEASE!...........I like it, I like it! 8)
Re: BMX-Ray *Edit* re-named X-ray

KOTA said:
Put the tires on, put the tires on! We want to see it with the tires on! PLEEEEASE!...........I like it, I like it! 8)

Ok, you motivated me to start cleaning up the rims. i got the front finished. I had to replace a couple of spoke nipple nuts that were too rusty. Here is the front tire mounted. i have decided to go with the fatter tire up front. pic is from my cell phone again, i'll take better ones later.

Re: BMX-Ray *Edit* re-named X-ray

NICE! 8) 8) 8)
Re: BMX-Ray *Edit* re-named X-ray

i got the second wheel cleaned up and mounted. I had to replace most of the spoke nipples on this one. i also regreased both of the axles. i went ahead and threw on a sprocket, crank, chain and pedals to take it for a test drive. Still no brakes yet.
I also got most of the stickers peeled off, but there is a ton of sticky residue still to clean off. i didn't feel like stinking up te garage with Goof Off tonight

Still a work in progress, but i made some headway. not sure about painting yet.


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