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Re: X-ray

I think I am going to be giving this bike to my nephew in May for his birthday. I gave one of his brother a black friday Stingray for his birthday and I gave his other brother a 2005 OCC stingray for his birthday. So I figured it would be fitting to give him this one for his birthday.
The only thing is that he is really in to skateboarding, so I am going to try to figure out how to build a skateboard mount on the handlebars. Any suggestions on how to do this? I think I am going to put this board on it.
Re: X-ray

sensor said:
the way i used to do it was just slide the trucks over the handle bars and itd wedge its self on. doest require any mods at all :wink:

I didn't even think about that. I'll have to go ahead and order the board and try that!
Re: X-ray

when you are sitting on this bike the center of gravity is so far back, i decided to make it a Wheelie Bike. I started mocking up the Wheelie bar tonight. I still need to add some angled struts. it should be fun to ride.

Re: X-ray - Update - 3/12/08

now id have someone light ride it with the wheelie bar first(i dont think the sissy bar tubing is very strong)i recall along time ago i bent one by hand to make "exhaust tips" :roll: so it may fold with some weight on it
Re: X-ray - Update - 3/12/08

I've decided to scrap the wheelie bar. Too much could go wrong with it.

I did get the brake all fixed up. Replaced the pad and ran a new line to the front. need to take some pics.
Re: X-ray - Update - 3/12/08

awwwwwwww :cry: should still use the wheelie bar! just use a stronger tubing........know anyone whith an oxy/acetaline setup and something round to wrap it around? its a to good of a idea to let it go :mrgreen:

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