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    Just got a deal on some reflectors.

    I do the exact same thing when I get a new bike (sometimes the accessories is what I bought the bike for, if it was reasonably priced) I love accessories but buying them individually is expensive. Those hub shiner buttons were my main draw to that auction, considering what people want for just...
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    Fender reflector IDing. (odd, I know)

    I did a bit of searching and found this, but this was listed on some site called "WorthPoint". Can't seem to find any more info on it with googling "Flyte reflector" or "Wald reflector". It looks nearly identical. I also searched the part No. stamped on the package.
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    Barn find Supercycle Cougar 72'

    Picked up this today. Branded Supercycle but made by CCM, Seems to be a mix of Cheetah (Frame) and Mustang (Seat, chainguard, sissy bar) parts. Aired up the tires and took it for a ride around the block. The 3 speed works on it, seat has one very small nick but otherwise soft and amazing...
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    Bikes on bridges

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    The anti-klunk? (Show us your urban bombers!)

    Yea, I did some stupid stuff on it, rode down staircases, jumped off ledges, 9'' of suspension soaked it all up. Unfortunately it got stolen and haven't seen it since. Was a hoot to ride though with the smooth tires, felt like riding a cadillac, both in weight and smoothness of ride.
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    The anti-klunk? (Show us your urban bombers!)

    I had an old clapped out DH sled for just this. slapped on a set of Hookworms.
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    So, did the ol' painted whitewall trick.

    Hm, might have to try that at some point.
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    Looking for a CCM fork, for a CCM Scrambler.

    Looking for the same fork as below. Same fork is on most CCM branded muscle bikes (Cheetah, Mustang, Scrambler). This one is bent and twisted/tweaked in a few spots. Colour doesn't matter but would prefer an orange fork. I'll take what I can get, so long as it's straight and threads are good...
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    So, did the ol' painted whitewall trick.

    First time doing it...experimented with a worn out tire first. Washed clean, then used a rag to wipe off gunk, steel wool, rinse again..then masked and painted. I used some Rust-o-leum 2x cover semi gloss white's just what I happened to have on hand. I got a few other tires...
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    CCM Scrambler 19XX

    Yea similar frame. I really like the style of it. Something different.
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    CCM Scrambler 19XX

    Done a bit of work on it, I need to find a proper fork for it as the original one has a bent/crushed steerer tube and I'm pretty sure the crown is twisted in some way, as the fork was not straight on the bike. Not sure on exact year of the bike. After pulling it from the basement, I swapped...
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    Just got a deal on some reflectors.

    So, was watching this all week, expecting a bunch of bidders on it. I ended up paying $12 for the lot of them, paid a bit more than that in shipping costs though..but in total, for what i paid I would've only gotten 2 pairs of the hub shiner/license plate reflectors in the lot in a normal eBay...
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    lets see those old school / custom shifters.

    Changed up the shifter a bit today on my daily cruiser. Swapped the previous Skull shift knob for a glass doorknob. Before and after
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    FNG from Canada

    Not near Ottawa but I'm in Central Ontario. Though I'll be heading to the Barrie Automotive Fleamarket, if it happens in the Fall.....I need to find a proper new project bike to work on.
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    20" wheels that aren't 20"

    Well, one has holes in it from dry rot, lol. The other at least is in one piece but still not great shape. Might try the LBS and Canadian Tire tomorrow, see if they got anything cheap. Yea, so many different "standards" lol. I figured this project bike was gonna be simple...but it's turned...