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As the wise ones have previously pointed out - the best Build Off prize is another bicycle to enjoy. I'm at the stage of really just enjoying riding this bike now.

Beautiful Winter day here again, so I bunked off work (It's good to be self-employed) this Wednesday morning and did my favourite ride down to and around the Manly Boat Harbour with a wide angle lens on the Nikon.

These half toe clips are a revelation - particularly on shared footpaths.





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Wow! Beautiful area and photos! And the star of the show ain't bad either. :inlove:

All the little changes you've made in the past couple weeks have really dialed it in. The mini toe clips actually cleaned up the look as well. And yes, great for having to make quick dismounts on the path or waiting for traffic signals.

I know you are surrounded by water, where would I pinpoint you on a map? Really beautiful area!
Beauty! Great video and walk around. Cheers!
An update!

After more than 6 weeks and a lot of saddle time since completion I've decided to ditch the racing handlebars and switch up to some flat bars - that I ordered online last night.

I've been riding with my hands on or near the top of the ram horns and using the suicide brake levers 99+% of the time - and never really got into the racing stance at all.

So I'm going to fit these lightweight anodised silver flatties instead. I believe they'll suit my type of urban riding better. And should be shiny enough!


It will need new Stainless cable inners (again) because I have some nice polished BMX levers in stock - and they will work well, but they aren't SRAM lugs like the vintage Wiemanns.

I also have some Brooks Slender leather grips in stock - black ones that I have used before - but they have a few minor scuff marks on the ends from tip-overs - or a pair of brand new Navy Blue that bought for a build ages ago and didn't use.

I'm kinda leaning towards the black because they match the saddle - but will see. The blue is somewhat darker than the photo shows too.


I have cable ferules in stock and even some blue cable end-crimps that I ordered for the build-off but didn't arrive in time.

Friday night here now - new bars and cables due on Tuesday.

Will post pics when done.


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Very happy with this result. Loses some of the classic lines - but it's still quite hot rod in the sun - and everything works better for a tall bloke. Going and stopping.

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And more heads up comfort on the paths is not a bad thing. Fighting with 80kph traffic along your common route with drop bars … Still looks very clean and fast enough.
Cheers chaps - and also good is I can pull 'up' on the flat bars for extra leverage going uphill too - which is noice on the final climb of my regular.