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I'm wondering if anyone sees a problem with this?

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It will likely buckle in the middle. The brake arm will pull down and back (orange). The strap will want to follow the pull (blue). The opposing force will probably buckle somewhere in the middle (green).


You could add a standard strap, and keep the curved one as decorative, or you'll need to shorten it quite a bit.

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The curved strap is just a little jewelry for looks. I made a primary strap to take the load and disguised as much as possible with paint to match the frame. Unless you look at it directly it does a pretty good job.


From a distance it is hardly noticeable.
Beautiful symmetry with the fender stay 🤩 And that little tail at the rear is a nice twist. Is it decoration only? Looks like it has some purpose, that has been forgotten on most bikes.

That is the drop stand clip. It holds the stand up in the riding position.
drop stand.jpg

Sorry for the bad picture. It was all I could find.
Thanks y'all!

I got my daughter to help with the photos yesterday.


We gave them a quick look last night but between work today and a jazz gig this evening I won't have time for vetting them until late tomorrow at the earliest.
Thanks for the sound clip, Jim! Tap rooms aren't known as great 'listening rooms' but this sounds pretty good. Solid rhythm section! :grin:
Ian, that is one of the all-time jazz standards, "Take the A Train" , most notably made famous by Duke Ellington and his orchestra; but played by many of the greats throughout jazz history. Featuring improvisation by the members each taking a solo, something that is made up on the spot not read from a musical chart. And yes, nice pleasing sound from this group!
Thanks y'all.
@OddJob the room is ok for sound but believe it or not the outside stage has a great sound. As you know that is not typical but the location (with a couple of brick walls close by) is surprisingly good. Naturally I thought of you with 'jazz at the back forty'! :cool:
@ifitsfreeitsforme I'm glad you found our jazz pleasing!!! We also do some of the other types of jazz that you would probably feel more comfortable not enjoying. :21:
Thanks @Shrunken_Head_Pedaler !

I've narrowed the pile-o-pictures down to a couple dozen but my final pic will have to wait till tomorrow. I've got an out of town gig tonight so I'm getting ready to leave for the rest of the day.
I'm down to my top three pictures that will go in the finished thread.




At this point I believe that I have the 'voting picture' chosen, but I'm going to give it another day to settle in (just to see if I change my mind). :39:

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