Abner DONE!

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Here they are again for the new page.


First glance I think A or C, but in the end I like B the best. It shows the fender paint scheme the best and still shows all of the other cool details of the build.
Well done brother!
Thanks y'all!

The finished thread is up and running. As usual, it has been a joy to participate in the fun.

My apologies to all of the builders that I was not able to spend much time with as everything progressed. I'm looking forward to spending some time next week catching up before I cast any votes. -Jim
No time to rest! The second TRM NoNose tank has been freed from its mold today!


I had promised the first tank earlier this year to a customer in Puerto Rico. This is actually the second (or even the third if you count the plug), but the plug and the tank for Abner were both part of the prototyping process so technically it will be the official first production tank. :)
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