Big Ripper for the fleet.

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You're bike are really nice. I never thought that these bikes would fit me at 6'5" but since you mentioned your height I'm going to look at these bikes as possible off roader/dirt road bikes. I see your seatposts aren't too long and your use of a the bent post opens up the cockpit some.

Yep - they are comfy - The only down side / issue is that if you have size 13s like me is that that can catch your toes slightly on the tyre on a hard lock, slow turn. The Big Ripper is not too bad - mild. I have to ride around it on the STR.

It also depends on where you put your foot on the pedal. I sit with my foot about the middle - if you are a balls of feet rider it's no issue.
Sweet bike mate. This is my fast ripper with a few mods. Frame is similar to yours and the ride is super smooth. Its actually better then my 2012 Cromo kos. Best alloy frame bike I’ve ridden. I’m 6’2.
Nice - Unfortunately I tided up my parts boxes in the garage on the weekend - I have about 8 sets of replaced pedals in stock. Not including the better pair I put on the Ripper. I cannot justify buying any more till I build some new bikes.
Besides - pedal size isn't the issue - it's shoooo size :)
Can't help myself lol.

I installed an 'SE Eluder' sealed bearing headset today. Some of the places I ride are a bit dusty and I like sealed better than the stock ball cages.😔😗😗
I'm sure I paid an absolute premium for the SE logo etching on the cup, but what the heck, these bikes are my joy. Looks much nicer than stock.

It was a fraction of the cost of a Chris King no threadset though. They have doubled in price since I put one in the STR.


The cheapo press I bought on Ebay made it a pretty easy job this time too.


Hmmmm - bliiiing.
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The great thing about the Chris King headsets are that the bearings are easily serviceable. I have a few that are decades old and have only had to service bearings twice, both times they were on heavily used MTBs that had been in service 10+ years. Set It and Forget It
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Yeah - agree - I have installed them on two bikes and they haven't actually needed servicing - but - they have become crazy expensive here in Aus.

I could buy four complete SE headsets or ten reasonably good quality replacement bearings for the same price as one nothreadset.

For a hard working MTB - yeah probably worth it - for a BMX Park and foreshore cruiser - too much $ to justify.
The 'failed' Izumi was annoying me (on principle) so my bike shop did me a great deal on a different chain - I fitted a Shadow Conspiracy V2 half-link yesterday. They really do roll much more smoothly.

I did away with the lay-back seat post too. I've lost a heap of weight (through diet and pedalling every day) and fit much better on the bike now.

And I've added more bling bits. Gold nuts!

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How did an Izumi chain fail? I've put thousands of miles on Izumi chains and the only failure I've experienced was a pin not being set properly when not using a master link (someone else set it).
The anodizing on the pins failed. The chain itself was rock solid.

OP, the half link chains look cool but isn't it much heavier? I LOVE what you're doing with this bike - nice build!!

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