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Looking good. I don't think the glue brush marks detract from the overall look. Just a little extra texture.
I totally agree. It adds from different angles in the sun it almost adds a shiny shadow. For next time if I want them smoother, I can thin the glue up to 30%.

I didn't thin it because I wanted to be sure the foil didn't lift when I applied the clear enamel. I read on a couple of forums that said some clear coats caused it to lift. Some called out polyurethane to be specific. Hence the enamel first, to seal it with a hard coat

it's common to topcoat enamel with polyurethane in automotive applications. PU can also help me level out the wheels so they don't feel textured.

They are on their way to coming out really nice. So happy with the results.
Amazing work on the rims! Flabbergasted by the results!
Thanks Jude

Awesome technique! Looking sweeet!
I love that technique!
Thank You. I have a feeling that the more I do this the better the technique will become. The brake had next to mo brush lines and leveled out well.

Those are the coolest rims I’ve ever seen. End of post.
Wow, than You Dr Tankenstein.

Amazing work on the rims! Flabbergasted by the results!
Thank You KF. Glad you like them.
Clear coated the hubs and brake this morning.



I assembled the wheels this evening. Pain in the hands. Reminds me of Arthir, and how the has caught up with me. I need to true them up and plan to have the first mockup tomorrow.

I commandeered the dining table this week. Have to get it cleaned up tomorrow for sunday dinner.

I need to put a sprocket, and the hardware on the shimano, cut in a chain, and pick some bars, mount tires, and I think it will be rideable for the first time since I was given the frame.
Looking at the rear sprocket. Have deep, and varying sizes from 14 thru 24. Plus a deep 22.

So today was the first time I sized up that 14 tooth sprocket to see if it would be rideable. My opinion, yes, I could do it.

Shimano says 16 tooth is the minimum. I can see how if I threw a chain it might destroy the plastic shifting hardware.

Hmmm. A conundrum. Thinking of putting the 14 on for now. Will know sometime today if I chose wisely...
Just WOW! Those wheels go so well together with the bare metal frame with all the soldering spots. That's amazing!
They match better than I thought I would and I didn't have to spray transparent black on it to darken the leaf up. Thought I was gonna need to tint it darker at one point

The wheels turned out really cool!

I've done gold leaf on signs in the past but never thought of doing something like that on the wheels. Great idea. :thumbsup:

Usually, I spend a day or 2 max on wheels, that includes rebuilding the hubs and paint if they need it. This time, off and on wheel work took 4 weeks to get them done.

This was my first time doing gold leaf. Each time is easier than the last.
Ya know, I didn't think I would like those shiny cruiser bars on this bike. Was planning to change them out.

As I walked past the bike, just outside the back door, to let the dogs out, I looked at the bike and thought, yes, those look like the bars.

I even like them shiny on there. I will probably revisit later with some 12 inch apes, but for now...
Seat options are dwindling. The seatpost seems to be brazed with the frame.

That leaves me the choice of Banana, Short Banana, or Long Banana. I need room to pedal if im sitting down. Cant raise the seat, move it back...

I have a little banana seat around here somewhere. Rounding up some parts...

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