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Dec 1, 2012
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Whangarei, New Zealand
It was successful last year, so it's back… the build off location map.

It's a map I've created on zeemaps to show the locations of the builders participating in Build Off Ten.

If you would like to add your location marker, go to the map…

Then go to Additions > Add Marker - Simple

Click on Add Marker - Simple and this box should appear…


What you put is up to you, but I suggest for Entry Name, perhaps put your user name and build name.
(for example, I put… Glen - SIDEBOLT)

You might not want to be too specific with your location either. I just typed Kerikeri and it automatically came up with Kerikeri, New Zealand... that's all you need.

You can add to the description if you want, it's up to you.

You can also browse for a photo, but I don't see why you'd want to and I haven't tried it.

And if you want to, you can change the colour of your marker.

It's that simple.

Added mine. It was really cool to see the global reach of the build off last year.
Here is last year's map from Build Off Nine.
looks like I will be watching form the sidelines I have a new program I am starting and it will take all my time but for a good cause.
I might come up with something though but for now just a spectator from Arkansas city Kansas lol
On it! tried a bike pic but seems to be suited to a avatar sized pic only. May try again later.
;) Maybe small thumb nail of a local landmark would be cool?