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Here is the link to the Build Off Ten Builders map again:

If you are in the build off and would like to add your location marker, go to the map…

Then go to Additions > Add Marker - Simple

Add the details you want to put and submit.
66 of 108 Builds are on the map
13 Countries represented
8 Europe
7 Australasia
93 North America
I have just deleted a double up (schwinnspastic rot-ten colson) which had two identical entries.

There are a couple of other double ups, kingsting - Earl Grey and Space Patrol. However, their markers all have different locations, therefore I assume they travel between those locations and do a bit of work at each place, so I've left them.

I can only assume that identical entries are mistakes, and delete one. So if you add multiple entries, please let me know whether it's intentional or a mistake.

The current tally, taking into account the two builders with "remote facilities", is 69 builders on the map out of 118 build off participants.


73 of 121 Builds are on the map
13 Countries represented
8 Europe
7 Australasia
106 North America
map10 (1024x487).jpg
We just got our 9th European builder.
That brings the country count up to 14
82 of 134 Builds are on the map
14 Countries represented
9 Europe
7 Australasia
118 North America