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For that style of intricate pattern, I'd suggest that frisket paper is superior to common masking tape. Find it in art supply stores. It's likely to eliminate any pesky bleed-through and deliver crisp edges.
Thank you for that tip, I will search for that in our local paint shop.

a shaft drive bicycle is on my bucket list.
BRIKbikes, Beixo, and Biomega are brands that work with a shaft.
There are several cheap mountainbikes for sale second hand with these shaft drives:


Nexus 3 hub.

These could be very cool klunkers!

My 'BRIK' front sprocket came in and at first glance I thought they are not compatible.
But when I pushed them together and found the right angle (like a chainstay that goes outwards to the rear) it fits perfectly!

Now I gotta find the standard for the splines so I can machine a shaft. After designing the whole BB offcourse.




19mm outside diameter of the splines.


About 17.3mm inside diameter of splines.


25mm bearing.


Number of teeth.

Excuse me if this is a little offtopic, but its just so cool and not a full on project just yet to make a new topic about it.
So I calculated the gear ratio.

25 teeth / 11 teeth = 2,27.
Then you have the shaft rotating 2,27 times faster than the BB shaft or cranks.
22 teeth / 26 teeth - 0,84.

This is a total of 2,27x0,84 = 1,9068.

To get an idea how that rides, I used my BO18 bike as a reference:
26x3.0" wheels and tires.
44 teeth front chainring and a 20 teeth rear sprocket.

44t / 20t = 2,2.

If I apply the "shaft drive" gear ratio to the example bike's front chainring:

44t / 1,9068 = 23,07.

So this shaft drive will ride similar to a:
26x3.0" wheel/tire'd bicycle with a 44t - 23t chain drive.

That is not bad, although, taking into consideration that the angle is fixed and that FAT tires do not fit on a BRIK bike, I would probably assemble 28 inch wheels with semi-fatty tires. (AFAP: As Fat As Possible) :thumbsup:
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