Coppertone Fastback: A Penny, Saved

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Dig the seat.:cool:
This was the last piece of the puzzle

I now have all the bits and pieces... just have to find the time to get them cleaned up and bolted together
I'm always amazed at how well old Schwinn chrome holds up.

Little by little, the drivetrain is coming together. Thanks again @furyus for the freewheel cluster.

Next step is to drag the old girls' Collegiate out of the shed to get the derailleur off it. Should probably grab the brakes while I have it out.
Lots of picking away at stuff today...

A couple years ago I took a set of drop bars off a '72 Collegiate and replaced them with a set of traditional North Road-type bars and brake levers that I had around. No recollection of where they came from.

For this build-off, I decided that the Fastback I'm building needs the eye-poker old school levers a lot more than the Collegiate, so I swapped them for a set of ball-end Dia-Compe levers.

The Fastback bars and stem needed a little cleanup. Balled-up tinfoil worked wonders.



Fenders got the same tinfoil treatment. The front one needs its mounting bracket rivets tightened. The rear bears some battle scars.

Next up: brake calipers and derailleur
The front brake had a bent arm. I took the same type front brake off a girls' Collegiate, but the markings didn't match what was already on the Fastback.


So I mixed and matched the best pieces to get what I needed.

The derailleur I got with the bike is pretty badly rusted and seized up.

My original plan was to pull one of these.


But then I found these two on the shelf. #1 is functionally identical to the Sprint that was on the bike, and it seems to move freely without binding, so I am planning on going with that one.


I like the way it's coming together. Better shots tomorrow in the daylight.
first chance I've had to get this thing outside in daylight:

little by little. really need to get the front fender rivets tightened up on the bracket, or replace the rivets (pop rivets or nuts/bolts, maybe?).

Also, a new name for the project. I told my wife about how many of the build-off projects have catchy names and I was trying to think of one that somehow related to the color orange. I also told her that the name of this particular orange was Coppertone. After thinking about it for a minute, she said, "How about A Penny Saved?" I think I like it. I'm pretty sure I can consider myself to have rescued it:

Tangentially related: FleaBay is a dangerous thing. I have another Mag sprocket and a set of fenders on the way for this one, as well as a front wheel. Just got outbid on a rear wheel, we shall see if I throw another bid before the auction closes later today...

Another tangent: too many projects, not enough time. Wish I had the time and resources to enter this one too. I picked it up over Christmas break in NY, but with 6 people and 2 dogs and all our travel junk in one minivan, there was no room to get it home, so it's stranded at my parents' house in NY till I can get back there to pick it up.
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I brought a tandem home (Illinois) from New York wrapped in a shipping blanket and strapped to the roof of our rental van. Don't tell me I can't do something...


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The good news: we have brakes. And sissy/seat hardware that will actually support my fat butt.

The bad news: the Schwinn Stik-Shifter I have been planning to use appears to be off a 3-speed, which means it has a plastic cable guide instead of a metal cable stop. This puts a big kink in my plans.

Besides that, I don't have an overload tube. I figured I could get away with running without one, but I didn't realize that this shifter doesn't have the stop to take the cable end properly. My options are either chasing down a bunch of expensive parts or using a stem shifter. Augh. Might just use the stem shifter to have the bike done on time, but it's hard to call a late '60s Schwinn done without a Stik-Shift. :confused::eek::(


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Magical Bolt Bucket to the rescue!

That and an old derelict set of junker steel brakes. This cable stop and a couple of slightly modified washers fixed me right up.

Seems to work fine, but of course I'd have to put a chain on the bike and actually ride it to be sure.

Looks like the chain is the last part I'm missing for this thing to be a rider.

then it's a matter of picking away at the stuff I should have cleaned while it was all apart... :21::rofl::rolleyes:
Nice save on the shifter snafu! I always appreciate a ride video in these build-offs. :41:
Time's running out and I'm down to just little details. Knocked a couple of them out today and I'm pretty much ready to call it finished.

The black spray bombed seat post clamp has been bothering me. When I got the project, a couple of my buddies commented that it'd be easy to strip that with oven cleaner.

Well yeah, but I knew I had this one in my parts stash...

and it cleaned up a lot easier than having to use oven cleaner. Not near perfect, but looks just about right with the condition of the rest of the bike.

The front fender rattling on its rivets has been bugging me too, so they were eliminated.

Fork crown and headset chrome needed some attention:

Didin't take much to touch them up.

It's nasty rainy here today, but it's supposed to be better tomorrow, so I figure I'll take it somewhere to get final pics then.

This build has been a much less dramatic event than some of the ones here with paint jobs and radical wheel and component setups. And I had intended to do a lot more disassembly and documenting and reconditioning of individual components, like in last year's Coda, but that didn't quite happen either. But I'm thrilled about it anyway, just because now I have a decent and somewhat correct Fastback. Can't wait for our first group ride in the spring.

(thinking I need to clean that rear tire up a little better before final pics)
I really like how this one turned out. It's got a great vintage feel, and you got it cleaned up just right!

That seat fits it perfectly. And sets it apart from all others like it.

I've been watching old Rockford Files re-runs on IMdb TV. I think if Jim Rockford road a muscle bike, he'd ride this one. :wink1:

Rockford's Firebird! I was watching old episodes on Netflix for a while, but then they dropped it. Love that car!
PRNDL, try the IMDb TV option. If you have Amazon Prime and are using a Firestick you should be able to find it in the apps. It's free, and has all the old favorites. I'm on episode 15 of the first season, haven't looked ahead to see how many they offer.