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The ebb and flow has hit the Brooks saddle, I think. People are now searching for something else cool, something from someone else maybe, I think fat tires are heading that way too, notice the skinny build-off happening... Be interesting to see what this years big build-off will bring...

The ebb and flow has hit the Brooks saddle, I think. People are now searching for something else cool, something from someone else maybe, I think fat tires are heading that way too, notice the skinny build-off happening... Be interesting to see what this years big build-off will bring...

I think you're partly responsible for the recent trend away from fat tires. I think you set the bar too high, thus driving the final nail in the fat tire coffin with Big Jim. Once something comes along that can't/ shouldn't be topped you move on to something else, usually in the opposite direction, most likely running.:eek:
Also I think once Walmart started selling fat tire bikes, much like a couple years before with fixies it just wasn't the same. Homogeneity kills creativity. Something about seeing fat tire bikes at the same place you buy dog food and diapers just steals all the thunder.
With seats I'm kind of digging people reupholstering old or even newer pans. I'm hoping that's the way the trend goes, I like to see more built, less bought.
Well, I haven't noticed the decline in use of Brooks saddles... I would use them if they weren't so expensive... but the seat to me is probably the most important part of how a bike looks. Kind of like wheels on a car... they make or break the look.

Good luck finding the right seat for Draguar... it's looking great so far :113:

Yeah if it fits the look then its on... A brooks would fit mine perfect too but a 100+ dollar seat on a rat just seems to defeat the idea. So I've been lookin' everywhere to find the right balance between cash and flash... Draguar is lookin' good bro.

I've had this seat hanging on the wall since my friend, Allison, aka SPOKEoftheDEVIL, made it for me for Christmas, and I think it may be the perfect fit for this build. Its a later model pan reupholstered with this cool lacquered canvas which she hand embroidered. I usually don't run "cruiser" seats but this one's just a little too cool not to use.
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I did a little mock up here, and now I'm not quit sure. It may be a bit too bulky, I maybe should go with something a bit more low profile, perhaps a bare pan? I've got a half dozen or so sitting around. Anyone want to throw in their two cents?
Things have come to a halt lately, first my son, Henry, came down with the flu, now I'm feeling under the weather. Fortunately we've had another cold snap so, I'm not missing out on any good weather days. We've just been laying around the house watching episode after episode of Scooby Doo, so that's been kind of cool. At 3 he still hasn't figured out that it's always a guy in a mask. This weekend, well tomorrow at least shows promise, if I'm back on my feet, high of 71!, then back to the 30's by Sunday. I'm at the point where I just need a couple good days to put this bike to bed, It's just finding the time, weather permitting.
You have come along way with this bike. I think you have plenty of time. Looking great!
I'm feeling much better today, actually got out and got my hands dirty yesterday, not on Draguar, but still a change from laying around feeling horrible.
Henry made a full recovery and is just as precocious as ever, so nothing's holding me back now. Except perhaps a fully recovered 3 year old with his own toolbox.
Seriously, I saw him pretending to fix my daily driver one afternoon, and luckily, I checked it to make sure everything was tip top when he was through, because he had loosened, nay almost removed, the nut on the center axle bolt on my springer. And anyone who's familiar with Schwinn style springers knows that's bad news.
The weather is supposed to be nice for the next 24 hours or so, then we're getting another cold snap and possibly snow, more likely ice. In Texas it seems like it's always ice. Nonetheless I'm going to use this opportunity to get as much done as possible, not done, Lord no, we've got miles to go, before this project sleeps.
I also have to meet some guy about a '50 DX I'm trying to sell so let's hope this ends up being a productive and profitable day.
I have plans to clean up the crank and chainring a bit, and if no ones familiar with clinging, acid toilet bowl cleaner for chrome it's the bee's knees. You apply it with gloves, depending on the brand it's 10% or more hydrogen chloride, so don't get it on your skin, and let it sit 5 minutes. Then hit it with a toothbrush or steel wool, and rinse. This stuff works so well and it's cheap, just keep it off your skin. Strangely it's also gentle enough to use on scungy old grips, it takes all the dirt/ previous owners skin cells off like magic and for that you just put it on and agitate with a rag and rinse, takes 2 minutes. How many of you never thought about that grungy dirty stuck on crud on old grips being dead skin cells? You learn something new every day.;)
Neat trick! I'm going to try it. I try not to think too much about where stuff has been. It creeps me out.:eek:
So as I was working, this whole seat conundrum keeps bugging me so I did some mock ups and thought I'd get you guys opinions.
Seat No.1: late 70's Troxel BMX pan;

Molded plastic, leather grain, one of the most comfortable seats I've sat on surprisingly.
Seat No.2: random polished, clear coated bare pan, 60's? 70's?;

Cold in the winter, hot in the summer, but pure rat.
Seat No.3: Rat Fink seat;

It's the thickest, I don't know if it fits this build, but it's so darn cool.
So I have no clue, if the build off were to end today, I'd probably go with seat No.1, but I've got a month so, comments, questions, concerns? I'd like to hear what you guys think.
The people have spoken!!! The Troxel it is. I got a lot of work done today, the guy who wanted my DX never showed or called, and the cold front blew in early, but nonetheless I got a lot done. Draguar is lubed, the chrome is cleaned up and I'm ready for the final stretch. If the ice and snow comes and I get some time off work,:grin: I'll get to wiring the light, if not, I've got 27 days, I'll make it, with this seat thing behind me, my mind is at ease. Was it dis-eased before?:confused:Thanks for the suggestions guys, I appreciate the input.
So this week brought ice Sunday evening that melted by Monday afternoon, a warm up followed by some snow Thursday that's still hangin' out.
My job has me going from building to building all over the UNT campus, I bike it because, well, come on, I'm getting paid to ride all over campus on my bike, how cool is that? However, Thursday morning around 7:00 I hit some ice while coming down a steep hill, and ate it. I slid from curb to curb with the bike on top of me, my whole right side is a continuous bruise, and I managed to dislocate my right pinky. Fortunately, I'm left handed so I'm planning to get that light set up this weekend, and do whatever else the weather will allow.
The forecast has it in the 50's tomorrow, weird, it was snowing this afternoon. Texas.o_O

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