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Thanks guys, I'm just glad it was cold out, I got some wicked road rash on my shoulder, forearm, calf and hand, and that's with, gloves, a coat, a sweater, you know cold weather clothing, had it been summer, ouch.
But I'm young-ish and still heal moderately fast.
Youngish... I like it. I'm sneakin' up on 54, and a little sore from pushing my daughters pals S-10 out of an icy snow filled parkingspot. But I play guitar and sing in a band, build guitars and bikes, I got hair to my shoulders (be it grey) do remodeling in the winter and build decks and such in the summer. I'd rather be workin' outdoors. Youngish, yeah it's what's inside us brother, keeps us goin'.

I got a little work done on the light, boring wiring stuff. However I noticed while riding around at work yesterday that my front wheel was a little wonky, I thought I had knocked it out of true, upon closer investigation, I found a marble sized bulge on the side where the tread and sidewall meet, so I got to put new tires on my daily ride today. The cool thing is the wheel set I got for Draguar had 26x2.35 cream tires on it that I swapped for whitewalls so I had unused fat cream tires sitting in my shop. My wife had to work today so, because it was still cold, and she was not here, I was able to work on my bike in the nice warm kitchen. My 3 year old son, Henry, cleaned my wheels while I swapped tires and helped with airing them up, so we had some fun, and the whole time for some reason he was wearing a bat costume.

Once I got everything back together it was amazing how much a tire change can revolutionize the overall appearance of a bike, then again something with so few parts I guess every little bit counts.
I need to get a switch to finish my wiring job, the one I had broke when I tried to cut the toggle down shorter, so I guess I'll finish wiring tomorrow, cause my wife has the car and I don't feel like hooking up the bike trailer, to run to Radio Shack with a 3 year old in a bat costume. I could take my pedicab...:39:
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...Nah, I'm still on the mend, and that thing is a beast. Tomorrow I'll get the switch, tonight, I'm done. Besides, we've got 21 days left...;)
Okay, I just realized I haven't actually posted anything in a while so, brief update, light- wired, chrome- chromier, I've got some little detail stuff to go, but she's all put together and greased and one heck of a solid rider. Emphasis on solid. I bet this bike weighs a good 8 pounds more than the Hawthorne I ride to work, and I even ditched the original two speed kickback. Whatever. Some bikes are heavy, I'm not building a racer, I'm building a rat!
You have one of the few types of modern bars that look good on an older bike. Nice job.

After months of work...off and on, I'm done. This has been a lot of fun, this is my first time in a mini build off, I've done the big one a few times, and even finished once. It's been a blast guys, I've really enjoyed seeing what you all were doing and appreciate all the comments and encouragement, none of this would have been possible without the fire y'all lit under my butt. So without further adieu I give you in it's finished state, Draguar.

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I like the style of this build!
I could easily see myself enjoying a ride on this.
I'd like to thank some of the people who helped make this build possible, First off LukeTheJoker for all his work getting this winter build off started and keeping it going, Diabolical_Dork for the new spring for the fork which, without this would not be a rider, Smoopy's for the sticker that replaced the headbadge I traded for parts, my former neighbor, Tom for all the parts, he passed over our fence, while he was moving, that found their place in this build, and last but not least, SPOKEoftheDEVIL, for the seat I didn't end up using and the wheelset I did. Also everyone who followed, liked, or commented on this thread, I've had a blast building this bike and now look forward to riding it. Thanks.


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