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I sold my ‘96 Dyno Glide with the Nexus 7 a few months ago. Got a call yesterday from the guy who bought it. To make a long story short, he needed to sell it as he has to move and asked if I would buy it back at a discount. Well, it’s mine again but unfortunately it suffered while out of my possession. First pic is how I sold it, second is how I got it back! Apparently he broke the pedals, the seatpost and drilled holes in the rear facing fork/dropouts for a rack 🤬. Well, I am glad to have it back and will get it back in shape!View attachment 197884View attachment 197885
cool you got it back but ya lose that wacky seat he threw on.
Apparently he broke the pedals, the seatpost and drilled holes in the rear facing fork/dropouts for a rack 🤬.
Some people's kids...

I sold this a while back, saw it in the bike shop down the street a couple of weeks ago, and now it's on CL for way more than I sold it for and is heavily dorked-out to boot.

How I picked it up:

How it left my place when sold:

Charging 5x what it sold for: https://boulder.craigslist.org/bik/d/longmont-schwinn/7499653699.html
I received my Dyno roadster ltd! On bottom bracket is a sticker, with 12 MAR 97.

For that tag to still be there, tells me this bike was not ridden a lot. Never in the rain. The bike has been store in a damp place.

The seat has a tag on it, Genuine leather seat.

The bike is so original, I think it will stay like it is.


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Sorry my phone takes very average photos...
I've been slowly re-building this Glide Deluxe, I picked up a 3 speed nexus wheelset from a wrecked Electra womens cruiser, added fat franks (removed the logo), replaced original sun damaged saddle and trashed grips. Stripped down, polished & all bearings cleaned & re-greased.

Will I have to buy 2 chains to get enough length? It's the last thing needed to make this thing ride places.


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That thing is super cool JD. Can’t wait to see you on it.
The pre-fairing test runs confirmed that the handling is on-point. Clocked at over 50 in a 35 turn and it was barely leaning.

Props to the following for helping make this come together; @Mr. Monkeyarms for the saddle cover material, @Bike from the Dead for the straight Schwinn Skipper chainguard, @Palepainter for encouragement and inspiration during the build, my homie Miles for the rear hub from his long-dead Walgoose The Gremlin and paint tips, my friend Z for driving shuttle on the test runs, and my eldest sibling who is a complete motohead sportbike rider for his lending thoughts on angles/handling.

It'll handle over 80, now that the wind pocket that was slowing me down is gone.

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