FOUNTAIN and WATER PICS - Let's see your bikes in front of fountains, water features, rivers, lakes, oceans, etc

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Kendrick Lake. Lakewood Colorado
Rockafella shortly after I finished it. I think they have removed this water feature from the bandshell since then.

From 2012 when I had a Nirve Cannibal along with Queenfish's Dahon.
You can tell it was near St Patrick's Day because the fountain was dyed green.

Our parliament buildings are the same color.
A few years ago they replaced the roof with brand new copper. It was so sparkly for a minute. They say it'll take up to thirty years for the patina on the new section to match
images (1).jpeg

That reno cost about 3 billion dollars CDN, but was actually completed on schedule
Riding my SwingBike today literally over the water 😉

Using the ferry this time across the Wannsee instead of cycling around. In the back you can see the famous "Strandbad Wannsee"
freshly overhauled Trek fx 7.2 by the Mississippi river.

What looks like a modern apartment building is a river cruise boat.

and farther downstream on the MRT Mississippi River Trail.

I've been passing this beautiful seaside foliage for a while now wondering if they grow like this or someone is trimming them. This is an asian neighborhood and I don't see this anywhere else. I've also seen women practicing Tai-Chi here so it kinda makes sense that someone has taken it upon themselves to trim them. If not, what are they and where can I get some?

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