FOUNTAIN and WATER PICS - Let's see your bikes in front of fountains, water features, rivers, lakes, oceans, etc

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Trek fx 7.2 by the Cedar River. Hard to see but there were 19 ducks in a row swimming by. Low water levels so the water is kinda scummy in this inlet. (3).JPG
1986 Schwinn Prelude , red(ish), white and blue. on a bridge. another bridge in the back ground. Mini Statue of Liberty. River, dam. Quaker Oats factory.

Out for a ride two days early.
1981 Raleigh Competition GS (made in Japan using Reynolds 531) and Campagnolo Grand Sport components.
Bronze statue is called Skipper. A boy skipping rocks on the water. My first Schwinn was a Skipper.
The river boat is the Celebration Belle.
Mississippi River in Bettendorf Iowa just down stream from the I74 bridge. The remaining green towers of the old bridge were blown up 2 days after this photo.



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I so need one of these!
The bike is obviously a custom version from the owner/founder of the company varibike in Ulm, Germany (the town I used to live until about 6 years ago)
Here's a video from 2017 showing the "variboat" in action at the "Nabada" (local dialect for bating down the river), the yearly water parade on the Danube (you might spot me in the crowd watching from the riverbanks somewhere).
(You might want to lower the volume before clicking the video, as the choice of music is let's say special...)

And another one from 2014:

and 2018:

He's clearly working on it and improving it every year...
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