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There's a face in that tree!

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You could make a replica by welding top tube onto a mixte
I started one. It took awhile to find a mixie frame that has no lugs as the original was lungless. The bottom bracket is for a one piece crank so that needs changing. The mixie top bars have to be lowered on the head tube and the drops need to be cut out and replaced with track style but with derailleur hanger. The mixie, seat stays and chain stays need to be cut and tapered ends fabricated. Dropping the mixie top tubes requires the relocation of the brace on the seat tube and removing the drops. Pretty big job.
Go to ABE books. I bought my book used there. You may find one in new condition if that is your pleasure. But at a cost. I buy lots of books used that way. And I pass them on to kids, grandkids, and friends. Be Well, SS.
If you want his book Matti, PM me. I tried to get a grandson to read it and all he did was move it around in the bedroom. Don't mess with mother nature: the corollary is don't disrespect Grump Pa. Especially when he is gently trying to teach you history and how to make accomplishments in life. Now Grandson is looking for a job. And probably living in his Momma's basement in another town. So be it. I tried. He can put out at least a small bit of effort. He isn't lost but doesn't know where he is going. I raised a son that ended up a SOC Marine. This boy has possibilities I can see to do things too. Rant over. Let me know if you would like to read the book Matti. God Bless and Be Well, SS.
I remember when my grandpa bad mouthed me to strangers on the internet. Really made me turn my life around. Not true. In reality my grandpa died is his fifties from heart failure. I don't really remember him, but I'm told he thought I was a charming baby. He had a lot of red hair. They say you get your grandfather's hair, but I definitly got my dad's. Moral of the story, lard on toast is not a good diet choice if you want to live long enough to see your grandson use your untimely death as material in a satirical bit to playfully send up someone on a bicycle forum. Also, I had to look up what a SOC Marine was, google suggested I might mean sock machine. Be Well, VRT.
My grandfather loved to bicycle. Also loved a lard and salt sandwich. I remember how proud I was of the newspaper article highlighting the fact that he was the oldest person who took part in a charity bike a thon. It also noted that he was not the last to finish. Tough old dawg. I miss him much
My paternal Grandfather left us before I was born but my maternal Grandfather tried to make up for it. I miss all my Grandparents quite a bit. All born right before or after 1900. Be Well, SS.

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