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Sword shaming matches got me thinking all Muddy
"I got an axe handle pistol on a graveyard frame
That shoot tombstone bullets, wearin' balls and chain
I'm drinkin' TNT, I'm smokin' dynamite
I hope some screwball start a fight
'Cause I'm ready, ready as anybody can be
I'm ready for you, I hope you're ready for me"
Spent a few hours doing xMas baking with my wife and mother in law. In so doing, I may have secured a project for next year's build off... Nothing special, just a basic little step through rebuild. CCM love! Also got to paw through Father in Law's record bin, nothing newer than 1974, and the old hippie had GOOD taste! Might take a few years of baking to pry anything outta that vault..
Country Joe and the Fish, Big Brother and the Holding Co, Sonny and Terry, Hendrix stuff I've never heard of, Neil Young with and without Crazy Horse, Howlin' Wolf, Stones, Stones, and more Stones, Cheech n Chong, Iron Butterfly, Jethro Still... It was awesome just checking out the covers, kinda felt like I was hanging out with the old guy again.
Should I be annoyed? I dunno. In her xMas shopping, Ms Thundrrr was given access to the back storage areas of the bike shop she worked at bitd. Yeah,she found a set (left AND right, phew!) of NOS block pedals, but I DIDN'T GET TO GO ALONG!!:cry:

... and the parts are for her bike, not mine!
Vintage pics from a trip to the hills with the RockRat. The lovely C-Dice rode her rigid gt.

Gas station burrito and jolt cola for breakfast, cutoffs showing the knobbly knees, sweet Tom knox Santa Cruz shirt, classic Matti. Note: the helmet was a rental, didn't own one, was surprised it was mandatory for the slopes.
And a word on 90s safety gear: homeboy's White Zombie tee held together with safety pins

Dangit I miss that prelude
Bless you friend. And keep the WORD going out to friends. Encourage them to ride. This is not the end to my rant. Be Well, SS.
rule #7 reminds me of some advice a friend passed to me recently, that his recently-passed father gave him: "only wince once". In other words, spend a lot on what you want. You'll wince at the price, but you won't regret it, or wince repeatedly when it breaks or performs poorly.

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