Grunt (son of Kaiju)

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I do have this nice spline drive but I'm concerned with the pedal arrangement. Seems like it'd be kind of a hopping motion going down the road...
Lol rode it around the block and it just makes me laugh such a fun and silly feeling. With a set of longer crank arms it will be perfectly ridiculous.

I still need to sort out the shifter but ha I've got plenty of time. I almost can't wait for snow. Hmm mudflaps...
This little guy is shaping up nicely, GC! He may be stealing some of Daddy's thunder. And kids always get genes from both parents, so these two don't have to look 'exactly' like each other. Just similar enough for someone to take a second look. Not that you won't get plenty of second, and probably third or fourth looks when riding Grunt!

Ride vid is a must! :grin: :bigsmile:
Dug up an old OCC sprocket and crank arms. A one inch increase in length for the arms and a big 42 tooth vs 20 ish makes a big difference in cruise speed and it still has 2-3 inches clearance. I noticed nothing cornering and wasn't even thinking about the clearance til later!
Had to keep digging and found the square block pedals too. No pedigree but it rolls like a big boy now!

The rusty chain has got to get replaced soon. I keep soaking it in oil but it's junk. I'm also imagining acrylic dorsal plates for the son of Kaiju too. (can we paint yet?)
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Those OCC cranks added about 4 pounds. Haha
Ah, but it helps keep the center of gravity low since I added the upper framework. In actuality I took steel arms off and put steel arms on, same with the attached sprockets all steel. Besides it isn't called Grunt for nothing. Also you were right about the crank length... +1
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of all your bikes, this one is my favorite by a large margin. Dig it! I could see me trying to emulate it some day.
of all your bikes, this one is my favorite by a large margin. Dig it! I could see me trying to emulate it some day.
Thank you! It really is a lot of fun. I've been jumping on it a bunch just 5 or 10 minutes at a time, settling it in. Working out the kinks. I'm pretty close to tearing it down for paint. Gotta sort out my shifter...
Ride video!! +1 pts ! Can't wait to see what you do with the paint.

You look very at ease on that little fatty. I agree with Ian, this is one of my favorite builds of yours.
I rode it the short mile to work today and the jr partner rode it around IN the store. 😁
It has a 7 speed hub and it's pinned in 4th now with the bigger sprocket but rolling down the street it needs those smaller cogs to kick in so I'm going to have to stop dragging my feet and get on it.
Low and in the middle is good in the dirt.
:headbang:Ah yeah. I ride in the city. Low is good for overpasses and bridge inclines. We also have some nice paved and packed cinder paths where I could possibly use the mid shifts but the smaller 20" tire will definitely need the tallest gear to keep up with any 26' or better sized bikes no matter what surface we're on. I doubt you will ever find me in any "dirt" lol. Snow maybe (I think it will be fun) but dirt, :rofl:.