HAUL-iN ! CustomCycleTruck (Finished)

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I was sketching a cargo bicycle too XD... but for this BO I've decided to go with another project.
Your design looks great!

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had time to work on the fork a little today


don't ask where is the jig , i have a good eye ;)

Still have to stretch the steering tube, weld the drop-outs and cap the ends
Fork : Done !

capped the ends and filled the gaps a little more

brakes are under to let space/clearance for the cargo wich will be as low as possible over the wheel .. they are angled backwards to be parallel to the rim and have clearance for the pads .. should still work with a regular rim too
I made a slot in the drop-outs to kinda hook them under the fork legs , just to make it safer/stronger

i Jumped on it and looks verry strong!:happy: witch is mandatory considering the rake and the weight it will hold
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Really nice work on those forks! I have some of that oval tube here that I bought a while back, your fork is the best use of it I have seen!

:) they will also use as chain/seat stays
Nice fab work. Cool idea placing the brake stay on the back side of the fork.

I made a slot in the drop-outs to kinda hook them under the fork legs , just to make it safer/stronger

What? Safety?!?
No, seriously, good thinking. :nod:
Starting the frame:)


also did the head tube , used to be a lamp:giggle:, a bit to big inside diameter , but did some brass shims that makes it perfect press-fit for the bearing cups

starting to look like something :happy:
Very glad of how things go , got my welder dialed-in perfect and getting better at it:dance2:
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Playing with writing/logo
tryied to make the name look somewhat like the bike shape

a other piece of the lamp being used

i think that joint at the bottom will be tricky :39:
Ill have to think of some kind of jig to mount the down tube to the seat tube:39: in the meantime ,i decided to do the chain-stays and rear drop-outs
this method went so ease and resonnably quick , i might do this all the time and forget about the idea of getting a tube bender
I present you the ''wooden junk jig'':bigsmile:
its only purpose was to make the down tube inline with the BB
now i realise i could have used it for the seat tube too:doh:

the head tube was just eyeballed :wink1:
everything is suprisingly straight with pretty much the perfect rake/trail on the fork :dance2: