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Re: Typhoon Mary

ej599 said:
I'd much rather open my tool box than my wallet.

I like that attitude. too bad my tool box only has hand tools and no welder.
Re: Typhoon Mary

Thanks guys. That racer was a dumpster find and gets ridden regularly with 27" wheels with an S.A. tcw coaster brake hub from an English girls bike that a friend gave me.

That vice/bike stand was another freebie a different friend who got tired of moving it around his garage and I saved my pennies for a long time to get that welder. For guys like us it's money well spent.
Re: Typhoon Mary

Everyone is complimenting you on your fabrication skills! FIRST, you gotta have the equipment. SECOND, you gotta have the "talent". THIRD, you gotta have the "imagination". You've got all three, but you take SECOND and THIRD to a "higher" level! Without talent and imagination (I gotta work on these two :oops: ) the equipment is useless. GREAT work, killer bars, post and fork!
Re: Typhoon Mary

yep, i second that. nice work, good lookin ride.

Outlaw 8)
Re: Typhoon Mary

ej599 said:
I need one of your bearings.
Can you send me one???? :mrgreen: :lol:
I put my bearings in a jar with my marbles. It seems I've lost them both! :lol:

But I got some more welding done.



Re: Typhoon Mary

ok, htere's like 10 bikes shown in your thread, which one's typhoid Mary?? this isn't like the D'day invasion is it? you know with the inflatable tanks and stuff.

no matter Godzilla is not afraid. he's had his shots and should be immune to typhoid anyway.

Scott 8)
Re: Typhoon Mary

Typhoon, typhoid, either way she's gonna wreak some havoc! :p
Typhoon Mary Name Change: King Daddio

I've been having camera problems but since my last update I finished the front end, relaced the wheels and tires together, assembled it and took it for a ride. The fork works perfectly.

Wheels before:


I bought that cool little indicator thing clamped with the vice grips at a tag sale for $15.

Here's a preview of King Daddio
Re: Typhoon Mary name change: King Daddio. New pics.

glad you changed the name, the bike is much to muscular for Mary. more of a Terminator meets Batman flavor.
Scott 8)
P.S. I love the fork.
Re: Typhoon Mary name change: King Daddio. New pics.

Ha ha, nest knockers! :lol: They're actually only 17" tall. It might be the camera angle. Yeah it just didn't look like a Mary.
Re: Typhoon Mary

CCR said:
youll be knockin the birds outta the sky with those things !!! :shock: :mrgreen:

lookin real mean man !!! (little bit shorter and you can still knock em out of the trees :mrgreen: )
thats why i called them nest knockers :wink:
Re: Typhoon Mary name change: King Daddio. New pics.

:shock: nice lookin bike !!! the pointy bars look like they belong on that frame, the old cantilever frame looks pointy itself now too, i usually only saw curves before.

and .... so .... does the lift table come with an H-D clock, rarely see one without the other anymore :mrgreen:
Re: Typhoon Mary name change: King Daddio. New pics.

I like this bike!.....I'm jealous. :mrgreen:
Re: Typhoon Mary name change: King Daddio. New pics.

absolutly love the bars very nice and cool another fabed fork to toss into the mix
Re: Typhoon Mary name change: King Daddio. New pics.

that's pretty. love the bars... goes well with the seat post. i woulda changed the name to Mad Mary. :)
Re: Typhoon Mary name change: King Daddio. New pics.

That fork is wild. Does the spring mount into the stem? The whole bike looks perfect.

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